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Oh dear.

Step AWAY from the eBay!


Thank G*d

It's too big for me.
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'Oh dear' is right, that is really horrible. it would be very uncomfortable for the stoker as well - all the wibble-wobble of a trike coupled with the harshness of having the wheel right underneath. Original frame looks rather like a Peugeot.

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That is a "Newton" conversion, I would guess from Roman Road Cycles.

I have an old  Tandem Trike ( Jack Taylor conversion) that is a real *&^&&* to ride - the slightest movement from the stoker requires compensation.

The Newton conversions are not as prone to camber or steering as a conventional tandem trike!

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Hi ....a few weeks ago ...cycling home from work I saw the unusual sight of a tandem tricycle heading north out of Portsmouth with two riders of a 'certain age'.   i really had to pinch myself that i had seen it!  are tandem trikes really that unusual ?

       We had a Ken Rogers tandem trike, whipped like a pig downhill under braking (disc on one side at back) which encouraged the brave/foolhardy not to brake, after one trip back to Oxford from Londinium (Stokenchurch Hill) my wife refused to speak to me for several days and the first words she eventually uttered are unrepeatable in ANY company
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Well our Longstaff TT is a very nice ride indeed. It's a new model,  2021 and full marathon frame tho'