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« on: 28 October, 2012, 12:28:06 am »
Am very bored!

Didn't get outside for fresh air and exercise today :( Well, I did plant garlic but that wasn't a huge effort.

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« Reply #1 on: 28 October, 2012, 09:08:59 am »
We had a 'Well being' course at work recently, and apparently one method to help with sleep is, lying in bed and imagining muscles in turn from toes to head, starting by wiggling toes, then ankles etc etc, then start again as required if still not asleep...
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Re: Insomnia
« Reply #2 on: 28 October, 2012, 10:31:28 am »
Went for a freezing cold moonlit walk in the end. Fantastic.

Still couldn't sleep when I came back - but must have dozed off at some point. Woke at 0600 and, after finding I couldn't get back to sleep, got up and got on with the day.

I think it's just a work-related stress type thing. Which is a bit daft really - work doesn't mean that much to me, really.


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Re: Insomnia
« Reply #3 on: 08 January, 2024, 02:59:38 am »
I’ve been lying awake for about 4 sodding hours. Bloody brain - just switch off!
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Re: Insomnia
« Reply #4 on: 08 January, 2024, 03:50:28 am »
Just turned mine back on about an hour ago.


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Re: Insomnia
« Reply #5 on: 08 January, 2024, 05:05:52 am »
Must be something in the air tonight, I heard the church in the next village bong 03:00 and not managed to switch off since.
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Re: Insomnia
« Reply #6 on: 08 January, 2024, 01:07:40 pm »
I cannot remember he details, whether it's a staff only thing, an anyone who lives in scotland thing, or what.
But I was able to get Sleepio which has various techniques to try.

Whether it's available to those elsewhere or even in scotland on the same terms I dunnog

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Re: Insomnia
« Reply #7 on: 09 January, 2024, 10:01:14 am »
Used to get insomnia.

The technique that worked for me was that mentioned upthread - thinking through each part of the body in turn, and making sure it was relaxed.

Lately I have found that having the correct pillow has been important too. Not too soft.


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Re: Insomnia
« Reply #8 on: 19 January, 2024, 07:57:58 am »
I sleep ok when it's very cold or very hot, not in between.

I fall asleep within a minute or two at lights-out, but wake around 0230 and find it hard to get back to sleep.  Apparently this is very common, and due to a rise in body temperature.  When I stop work, I'll do what my great aunt did: get up and do stuff for an hour or two, then have a second sleep, getting up later.
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Re: Insomnia
« Reply #9 on: 21 January, 2024, 06:41:02 am »
I sleep ok when it's very cold or very hot, not in between.

Not insomnia related, quite the opposite.

I've been awake 30 minutes, and last night's very vivid dream has just come back to me.

I'd broken into a large office block (think skyscraper), during a working day, and was moving about the building trying to evade various security teams who were trying to find me. I found myself taking refuge in a small cubicle office. The blinds were drawn, and the office had many half-packed cardboard boxes and it was apparent that the office had belonged to somebody who had been summarily dismissed, and didn't have time to finish clearing their office.

There were a large number of personal books and items in the room and very little that was work related and I became aware that the person probably did very little actual work.

I peered closer at the bookshelf and noticed that many of the books were cycling related. I focused in on the books and saw that not only were they cycling related but they were on really niche, esoteric, some might say obsessive aspects of cycling. I can't remember what they were but it would have been something like "Encyclopedia of quill stems" or "French spoke threads of the 20th century".

It was at this point that I realised whose office I was in  ;)

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« Reply #10 on: 22 January, 2024, 02:26:13 pm »
Two ideas.

Firstly the brain can only handle one thought at a time. Dinna yelp, think about it. So while nice and comfortable just in your mind say "down" and if you keep repeating it no other thought can get you worked up.

2nd is invest in a hypno sleep file. They work very well.

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