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Re: Microchip cat flap recommendations
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I went to great expense to replace a standard cat flap with a microchip controlled one when the then new incumbent proved to be less territorial than the previous residents which resulted in home invasions by none resident felines. The first time she approached the cat flat the buzz/clunk of its operation spooked her and she has steadfastly refused to go near it, let alone go through it, ever since. It’s five years since I fitted it!
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Re: Microchip cat flap recommendations
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An older lady of my acquaintance is looking for a door-flap for her microchipped cat to exclude a neighbourhood cat. The new flap will replace an existing dumb door-flap. Any recommendations or traps for the unwary player (size incompatibilities?) or just order something at random?

Happy Sureflap-ee here – we are on our second, the first did die, but I reckon we're into the third decade of using them and they get some use and abuse. Check the size, the details are on the websites, and there are various attachments to make adjustments. Also check the cat fits through, some cats are chunkier than others. We had holes cut to size for both our installations (the first through a double-glazed French door unit, the current one through a UPVC panel, hence the factor of 10 price differential – the glazier wasn't happy to notice a small crack once he'd finished installing the floor-to-ceiling French door unit but kudos to him for fessing up and making a new one).

Our cats were wary at first, but a bit of manual encouragement seemed to have got them over the issue.

Re: Microchip cat flap recommendations
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We got a standard-size micro chip Sureflap.  The cat seemed very small, but since his arrival has proved to have a huge appetite - he is also very active - and has grown considerably larger when we thought he was too old to grow.  Luckily he can still get through the flap, just.  I'd have got the bigger one if I'd known.  He prefers to have the door opened of course.  I would recommend Sureflap.
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