Author Topic: What's in your bedside table?  (Read 104 times)


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What's in your bedside table?
« on: Yesterday at 09:56:57 pm »

What do you all keep in your bedside table?

I've not had one with any storage space for well over a decade. I'm building new bedroom furniture.  And while I know I want a surface next to the bed to put a drink, book, phone light etc...

But I'm wondering what I should design the space underneath to be useful for.

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Re: What's in your bedside table?
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 10:05:51 pm »
Mine's a set of drawers, mostly containing underwear and medication.  Allocated on the basis of drawers the right sort of size rather than convenience of access (our bedroom is about 85% full of bed).  Fondleslab, book, inhalers, hairbrush etc live on top.  There used to be a lamp, but it b0rked and I can control the room lights from the fondleslab, so it didn't get replaced.
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Re: What's in your bedside table?
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 10:38:48 pm »
Mine was from a 2nd hand charity shop when we were as poor as church mice, never got round to replacing it. It's one of the old style with a cupboard at the bottom, an open area in the middle and a shallow drawer at the top, tho my drawer is missing.
Kindle, stack of birthday cards, night time phone and spectacle storage, general collection of crap. Not sure what's in the cupboard but I don't open it often so it must be ripe for a purge...
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Re: What's in your bedside table?
« Reply #3 on: Today at 12:43:25 am »
Mine – left behind by Miss von Brandenburg – has drawers.  Dunno what's in them except for a watch I haven’t worn in years and a small velvet-lined box intricately wrought by the Natives of the East* with a pair of silver cuff links in which I also ent worn in years.

On top of it is a yellow rubbery alarm clock from the Happy Swedish Halls Of Joy and a copy of “Climax In Coventry**” by Walter Hassan.

* a present from Professor Larrington from her time living in Japan.
** not a grumble publication, Roger.
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