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Title: Clogged inkjet printer
Post by: Tim Hall on 15 February, 2012, 05:28:42 pm
I'm trying to breathe life into a Canon inkjet printer. It ran out of ink some while back and sat unloved and unused for a number of weeks. Fitting new ink cartridges did nothing at the start. However, removing the ink and the printer head allowed me to clean it by rubbing it gently on a kitchen towel soaked with IPA (contact cleaner actually) as suggested on some website or other. CMY are now printing peachily. The black jet is proving tricky, with faint horizontal dropouts. Using the clean and deep clean buttons doesn't seem to do owt, neither does doing more squirting or rubbing on an IPA soaked bit of kitchen towel.

Any other ideas?
Title: Re: Clogged inkjet printer
Post by: rusky on 15 February, 2012, 06:04:54 pm
TBH, I'm surprised you got that far!

You could try standing the print head in a solution of IPA assuming that doesn't have any adverse effects on the head.

Alternatively, can you buy a replacement printhead?