Author Topic: Magnetic cable for USB headphones?  (Read 661 times)


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Magnetic cable for USB headphones?
« on: 10 May, 2021, 04:01:02 pm »
I bought a fancy set of Creative USB wired headphones (Sound BlasterX H7 tournament) for working and playing/running online TTRPGs fairly quickly after lockdown (it comes with a voice modulator which is hilarious for doing weird NPCs, but that's another conversation).

I ended up sending the first set back because the USB connection to the wired dongle (it has both analogue and USB connection options) kept breaking. The second set has now started to do that, so I'll frequently be dumped from audio because I've moved wrong and the USB connection has been lost, even after taping it in there. I think this is at least partially because the supplied USB cable is so damn heavy. I've replaced it with a much lighter USB cable, but I was wondering if one of the new NetDot Gen 10 magnetic cables with data capability would be worth a shot, as then presumably the connector just stays in the USB slot in a nice, robust fashion.

Google only shows results about using these things for charging, but I'm interested in whether it work for audio data as well. Anyone know?

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