Author Topic: Any recommendations for an android app for photo to PDF conversion of document  (Read 245 times)


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Looking to use a phone to take a photo of a page and covert that page to a PDF to send via whatsapp or email.

What app would you recomend?

Re: Any recommendations for an android app for photo to PDF of documents
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Depends on the phone - mine offers this automatically when scanning a doc (damn handy).

Alternatively, usually if you 'print' a photo, 'Save as PDF' is an option on most phones.
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Google Drive app has this built in. Press the + button, then choose scan.


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CamScanner seems to be the app of choice for track commissaires round here, especially if the race organiser doesn't have access to a photocopier! (Very handy for scanning Levy Forms and Race Sign On Sheets, as well as the all important Expenses Form!)
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