Author Topic: [HAMR] Buying a piece of Steve….  (Read 907 times)

[HAMR] Buying a piece of Steve….
« on: January 05, 2015, 08:53:07 am »
No, not an actual piece of him…although I bet his legs after a year will be better than mine will ever be, but I was wondering if any thought had been put into raising a bit of cash by selling bits of his bikes off when they wear out? For example, if Steve replaces as chain/cassette every 10 000km, there should be quite a few going spare. I for one would be happy to give a reason sum for a piece of history.

It might not raise a huge amount of money, but at say, £20 a cassette, it would be a couple of hundred quid over the year.

Is this a silly idea?


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Re: Buying a piece of Steve….
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Comes under the category of

Nice idea -- can you do the work then please .. team has enough on its plate with simply keeping him on the road, fed , watered, looked after etc.

Financial support is very satisfying ( from AUK members in particular ) .. my current prediction is that we will not be coming back to all supporters late in the year - asking for them to find a little more to see Steve thru the last 3 months .. could easily be wrong ... but if you want to raise more money with your idea -- come back to me with a PM - and we will try to work out how to do it -- without involving the current team in more work for what might be a "modest" sum
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Re: Buying a piece of Steve….
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I would be happy to perhaps mount things like cassettes on a nice piece of polished wood with an engraved plate detailing their heritage.
They could then be offered for auction.
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