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Mike Hall, a request from his mother



--- Quote ---I want to ask everyone that knew Mike Hall or have heard about him or been inspired by him to please help me In Harrogate ,t he place where Mike was born and grew up, they are building cycle paths in order to encourage people to get out and cycle I have spoken to Harrogate Borough Council  about naming it after Mike  Harrogate seem to be on board but as it is a North Yorkshire programme I need to convince them that Mike is worthy of this accolade I have written to Councillor Mackenzie who is heading this but have no reply So I had a lightbulb moment! If every one could e mail the councillor from all corners of the world it would give weight to my reasons why my son should be remembered like this So come on don't let me down I so want this to happen Do please please write to the councillor at and c.c in Lets make this happen in memory of this amazing man who gave so much to the world of cycling
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Aha! Just saw this on FB. Well done MrC.

Done, with my local town councillor hat on for what that's worth.  ;D


--- Quote from: JamesBradbury on 15 July, 2021, 07:01:39 pm ---Done, with my local town councillor hat on for what that's worth.  ;D

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Chapeau ;-)

Pat has asked us to lay off for a bit.
Councillor:"ok, I get the message."


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