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First-World Problems.

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I'm out of Lavazza ground coffee and forced to drink instant all afternoon.

Note.  In case you were wondering this is a place to get sympathy for those hardships that only really affect people in affluent "First World" countries.

For example, it could be that John Lewis were sold out of Tagines and you were forced to serve your dinner guests from a normal casserole dish (Oh..the humanity).

Any starving Sub-Saharan Africans, or flooded from your homes Asians should start their own thread, this is for serious stuff.

(click to show/hide)Yes, it is in slightly bad taste....your point was?

You are not 'forced' to drink instant, you have chosen to. Quit whinging, get on your bike and go and get some coffee.

But it's cold out and the car takes ages to heat up and the shop is a mile away.

That's how to score a Hat-Trick of First World problems.

Surely you are waiting a delivery from your organic veg box supplier too?

I think we may be running out of dishwasher tablets.


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