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Re: Les Douze Cents, 2020
« Reply #25 on: 14 May, 2020, 07:36:54 am »
Firstly, sorry to hear the event is cancelled, such a disappointment for everyone no doubt.

I've entered this twice and completed once. In 2012 I was defeated by the French heatwave... 2016 I just about completed.

It is very much an 'X-rated' event for riders like myself who have completed PBP in 80-90 hours - faster riders like Mr Barkman and Mr Lucas are able to pitch up at hotels each night. Sadly been away from riding for too long to enter this time.

Expect the most fabulous route with spectacular scenery and great support from the organiser at numerous roadside rendezvous.

I did do a write up of my 2016 experience for Arrive which was due to go into the edition Tim Wainwright was working on when he passed away ... it then got lost with coverage of LEL taking precedent... or the editors just didn't like it.

Link to the article for anyone looking for a flavour of the event:

Kieron, this is a fantastic write up!

Makes me long for the days when we can all go ride in mountains again. I have ridden some of the roads described (and made my own pilgrimage to the hills described in The Rider).

This is an event that has always been on the list, maybe when it runs again, I better do it!
Right! What's next?

Ooooh. That sounds like a daft idea.  I am in!

Re: Les Douze Cents, 2020
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Thanks mzjo!

(I didn't want to get into wide-ranging speculation about future regulations, there are plenty of threads about that! Hence my one quite specific question.)

Take care everyone.

Not really to do with audax pure but here is the official line off the FFCT site and for which the link was sent to all the clubs and probably the vast majority of members. If I knew how to post a pdf I would put up the letter from the presidente FFCT from 07/05 which makes the political situation a bit clearer but what is here is generalised across all the cycling feds.

Have a good laugh at how they say a cycle school should function; pretty much impossible in my view!

Don't forget there is an awful lot of politics in all this  :(