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Re: Arise Sir Geoffrey . . .
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I don't much like Boycott - I don't care about cricket and whenever I have heard him speak he comes across as someone I'd prefer not to meet -  but AIUI he was convicted of an assault on his girlfriend about 25 years ago (and I accept but don't think relevant the fact that he has always disputed the conviction).

Surely, that is now a spent conviction.  What he did was unpleasant and unsavoury, but isn't a key part of our justice system that we don't continue to penalise people for offences that have been appropriately punished? 

Do we ignore that for crimes that we particularly dislike? Or are we saying that anyone who has ever been convicted of anything should be barred from receiving any form of honour (in which case Sirs Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney need give their Ks back and I'm sure there are many other lesser mortals who have been honoured despite having made mistakes in their pasts.
I agree. It would be different if his public persona centred around mistreatment of women.

And you have to look at the guy as a whole - I would imagine that his recovery from cancer to continue a much-admired career in broadcasting was a big factor, together with his elite sporting CV. I don't think I'd want him round for dinner, but part of broadcasting is defending views that not everyone agrees with, and risking dislike from parts of your audience.
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Re: Arise Sir Geoffrey . . .
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He is still a consummate cock.
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