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The Pub / Re: Bought any cycling stuff today?
« Last post by De Sisti on Today at 08:15:17 am »
4 x Ambrosio Excellence rims
1 x Dura Ace C24 CL rim
1 x Dura Ace C24 SL rim
OT Knowledge / Re: DIY Eurocylinder key/key to key/thumb turn replacement
« Last post by Feanor on Today at 08:10:24 am »
I've not done any fettling of those in particular, but if there's a myriad of variations and it's not 100% clear what you need, I'd Strongly Recommend taking the original to Lumsden, where they will have every possible variation and the knowledge to advise.

There are other variations where there's no knob or key-hole on the inside at all; its integrated with the door handle, and is operated by cranking the handle upwards to lock, and downwards to unlock. Good for emergency egress. Depends how complex the mechanism is. As I say, not my area of knowledge, but very much theirs.

Also, I've found keys cut by them are approximately an order of magnitude better than ones cut in a random key kiosk.
OT Knowledge / Re: DIY Eurocylinder key/key to key/thumb turn replacement
« Last post by robgul on Today at 07:48:37 am »
We did exactly that when we moved here - Screwix for not much money - downside is having pay outrageous costs to get extra keys cut.
The Pub / Re: Bought any cycling stuff today?
« Last post by rogerzilla on Today at 07:43:53 am »
I've just bought a 1964 Moulton Speed for £70 and £3.20 postage.  The alloy mudguards alone make it worth having.

I think I might never see this one, but it was worth a punt.  Ebay, so totally safe if the seller won't ship.
Not switching to save, just want a 100% renewable supplier.

Try SO Energy.  Small, but owned by ESB of Ireland.

That's who we are with. It's not that every electron we use is wind generated but they are adding theirs to the general sea of electrons.  ;D
The Pub / Re: Didcot
« Last post by rogerzilla on Today at 07:04:59 am »
A nerd writes: I think that’s a Mark IV Golf, so post-1997 :D
Photoshopped over an Austin 1100.  Ah, hang on - they needed to change the WHS sign from brown and orange, too.
Was this resolved?
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: I’ve never heard of Terra Vision
« Last post by Gattopardo on Today at 04:31:32 am »
You're probably too old. (Slight possibility you're too young)

The leather trenchcoat, please.

Oh that's who I thought he was meaning initially

Me three
On The Road / Re: Armed robbery of bicycles
« Last post by Gattopardo on Today at 04:18:32 am »
Thus far this is a single incident* so talking like it’s a pattern or simply the new normal is kind of weird.

(* well, perhaps multiple attempts by the same people over one or two days)

Nope been going on for years, people being stabbed for their bike or robbed at knife point.  People being knocked off bromptons by groups of youths on bikes

First time it has made the news as person was famous.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Today at 01:22:57 am »
Pleading The Blues ~ Buddy Guy & Junior Wells
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