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The Pub / Re: Wordle
« Last post by hatler on Today at 09:23:51 am »
Wordle 212 4/6


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The Pub / Re: Wordle
« Last post by matthew on Today at 09:21:25 am »
Wordle 212 4/6


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Audax / Re: AUK membership renewal
« Last post by Assasin on Today at 09:20:57 am »
I see that my membership started in 2020
It really started in 1981 but due to your system being down come renewal time I was unable to make a payment early in 2020. Might have been pandemic related. It wouldn't really matter but of course it means the member No 250 has had to enter the ballot for the LEL due to the non availability of the website. Fingers crossed
Today's post from Spitalfields Life has some interesting cycling accessories from days of yore -

Some of the saddles look pretty uncomfortable
Some fascinating items, and one or two perplexing.

"New Mud Guard, folds into small compass and can be carried in pouch or pocket". I presume they mean compass for drawing circles not finding directions, but why would you want to carry a mudguard in your pocket?

And "Perambulator Tyres" look like a ball of string! Presumably they were solid tyres which you cut to size and somehow joined the ends on the wheel?
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Television tonight: what's worth watching?
« Last post by TPMB12 on Today at 08:48:46 am »
I'd hazard a guess that there's a few things you saw last night that's worth watching the second,  third, fourth,  etc time it's been put on. Seriously,  how many channels would there be needed if they only broadcast new programmes? Last night there was nothing on at all of interest. Ended up watching YouTube instead. My LG smart TV was a good buy with all those streaming options and apps.
The Pub / Re: Wordle
« Last post by pcolbeck on Today at 08:43:46 am »
Wordle 212 3/6

The Pub / Re: The grumpy old wo/man thread.
« Last post by TPMB12 on Today at 08:43:33 am »
Spelling mistakes in thread headers were quickly corrected in my day. I mean come on, correct overvoles already! 😆
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Ant+ on Samsung tablets (for Zwift)
« Last post by Lightning Phil on Today at 08:43:07 am »
Bluetooth is far better than Ant+ . Ant+ is not designed for high data transmission rates.
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Ant+ on Samsung tablets (for Zwift)
« Last post by fboab on Today at 08:39:26 am »
I bought one of these to do Zwift on the rower and swiftly sent it back. It just wasn't up to the job- frame rate was appalling. I ended up with an iPad instead. It was double the money but the Android options were even more expensive.
I do everything on Bluetooth rather than Ant+ so I'm not sure how much difference that makes.
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: 5G hub with SIM v "normal" broadband
« Last post by fboab on Today at 08:36:56 am »
ICBA to search but when we first moved to Guisborough we had a mobile connection hub while we waited for Open Reach to do their thing. (Mr Smith does our tech, I'm at the age where I don't learn new tricks unless I have to, we don't want to displace those Spice Girls lyrics with anything actually useful.) It was 4G through EE and was absolutely fine- Mr Smith worked off it and I played off it. This was pre-Zwift & PS4 but post-Netflix.
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