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Eccentrica Gallumbits:
I saw two people fall over today. One was a little girl on a kids' bike - she somehow managed to topple over to the side, despite stabilisers. One was a small man wearing a beret and carrying a bag nearly as big as him - he tripped over a kerb and cut his finger open. I tried to help him but he said he was ok so I just stayed with him until he was up and off again.

I lifted a large bag of compost into the back of woman's car yesterday. 

Eccentrica Gallumbits:
My local Tesco Metro is shut for a week of refurbishment so I had to go to the one that used to be Flip. I bet they're not doing the sensible thing and getting rid of the self-service tills nobody uses and replacing them with staffed tills.

Chris S:
I see our road is going to be closed for two days from the 14th, so that the leaking water main can be fixed.

Eccentrica Gallumbits:
The other end of my road is closed for resurfacing and some idiot has ignored the PARKING RESTRICTED signs and left their car there. It's now barricaded in. I hope they resurface it.


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