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A random thread for weatherish things that don't warrant a thread of their own.

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Chris S:
We have Wowbagger's "I've got a weather station" thread, and we've got the "It's snowing!" thread - but I was astonished to discover we don't have a weather-related thread in the "Random" series; amazing given the preoccupation us Brits have with meteorological events.

South Lopham, up the road from me, has recorded 32mm of rain so far today. Nothing too exceptional, but certainly a wet and dreary day that had the folks in Tesco earlier, muttering and moaning about the general state of things.

I had earlier driven through a minor flood where a roadside brook had over-topped and merged with the road, and was reminded of a DIY fboab and I undertook during our tandem points chase; when 15cm of snow had melted overnight at the end of a cold snap - leading to some interesting road conditions.
I spared a thought then, for the folks of Buffalo New York who, following recent events where close to 2 METRES of snow fell in a couple of days - now face a thaw of fairly staggering magnitude. The forecast for them tomorrow is for +16c temperatures and about the same amount of rain we had today. It's gonna get messy...

It's wet  :(

I cycled the grand total of 2.5 miles  :D

I am wet  :(

Whereas in supposedly wet West Cumbria the sun is out 8)

You can really go off people.

Eccentrica Gallumbits:
Thick frost here this morning.


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