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Route from Watergate Bay


Can anyone help with a cycle friendly circular route from Watergate Bay of 100-120km? I know hills are inevitable in this part of the world but I won't be seeking them out so if you can keep the climbing reasonably moderate it will be appreciated. Spending a long weekend down there while my wife is on a yoga break.
Many thanks.

Thanks for all your useful suggestions, folks.  ;D
I was planning to ride on Saturday and the forecast has now changed from hail to snow and 50mph northerly winds. Looking forward to it.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on. I'll be riding my rollers for next few days 😌. Have fun  :)

The planned ride was on the worst possible day: Storm Arwen. I enjoyed watching the waves rolling in from the hotel bedroom window, as well as driving into Newquay to revisit some childhood haunts including Bertie's nightclub.
The next day was perfect so I did a 65km ride to Brighton, Roche, Padstow and home. It was great to explore a new area and, apart from the coastal bit, it was surpisingly flat (the worst hill was getting out of Watergate bay) before availing myself of the lovely hotel showers and heading for home.


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