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This thread is for listing your member details and location if you are willing to put a cyclist up overnight.
Please leave your details and I will amend the list.
Please only post here if you are offering accommodation.
Could a moderator please pin this thread.
When your details have been added, please delete your post. Thanks Loads.
Should you wish to arrange a stay, please pm the member direct.

Ketton, Rutland. Loadsabikes
Swindon, Wilts.   
York. CrinklyLion
Rugby, Warwickshire. PolarBear
Skipton, North Yorkshire. Peliroja.
Ballinamallad, Fermanagh. JennyB
Poprad, Slovakia. road-runner
Koge, Denmark. Gus.
Egremont, Cumbria. Mushroom.
Northallerton, tiermat.
Southend, Essex. Wowbagger.
Oundle, E Northhants,  Pickled Onion.
Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland, Dave_C
Sunnyvale, California, USA. Thing2
Sutton, SW London. clarion.
Lancaster, Lancashire. Pedaldog.
Ipswich, Suffolk. Arabella.
Darlington Deano.
Hillsborough, Sheffield. markcjagar

K√łge Denmark

Not a lot of space but allways room for a rider or two.
Indoor bike parking, repairstands & tools.
food, showers & laundry.

Egremont, Cumbria - can offer a spare room with double bed or sofa space, food bath/shower, workstand & tools

Northallerton, space for a couple of tents, and lounge/dining room floor.

Tools/workstand and spares available. Easy acces to ECML.

Coffee is a given :)

Southend, Essex. Not much space for camping but a large garage devoid of motor vehicles and a spare bedroom or three. Also laundry, showers, large slobbery dog and Dez.


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