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At the request of the MEMWNS Founding Fathers, this is a thread for reports and other important nonsense, leaving the main thread free for planning  :thumbsup:

It won't catch on but it should avoid a doctrinal schism between the traditional believers and the new heretics in advance of epiphany.

I didn't make it out last night which sounds as if it was just as well as I wouldn't have caught the departure at Spa and the peloton was then 45 minutes late at the King Billy.  No doubt DL will be along shortly with a picture of a pint of beer and a detailed report on Sister Carol's puncture fun.

The Retiree:
Thanks for getting us set up Ted it's nice to get our right to free speech back  :o  :thumbsup:

Indeed another healthy peloton was formed at Spa upon my arrival with Huggy, OD, Andy (aka Hustler/Quaffer), SSN Giles Gavin and Sister Carol who was mid puncture change! We set off with Sister Carol's words about tyre's not lasting longer than 20 miles ringing in our ears........

Just a short way along the Terling Road the super fast Kiwi that is Tippers emerged from the darkness to latch onto the back of the peloton and not too much further on from this on the approach into Terling our Sister picked up another puncture on his expensive Italian Stallions...... look great but not up to the job!!

Here my oil rig lighting system came into their own as I provided ample light as the tyre change took place which wasn't any old tyre change as OD carrying everything including the kitchen sink on Fred produced a rather better rear tyre replacement for SC  :thumbsup:
After most cars coming up to us stopping no doubt down to my OTT lighting and fluorescent Proviz gilet we were back under way with a rather angry OD  :demon: as we were 30 mins behind schedule having let Mr Gore himself know.

As we turned towards the ford in Terling OD's night got even better as our Sister announced he was heading straight to the pub and not partaking in a bit of COR Flitch Way action  :'(

Things were going pretty well as we swept up Tomsk and Jiber aka Mr Gore who much to Ted's delight was fully branded up in the stuff which hurt poor OD's eyes  ::-) onto the FW we went to partake in a bit of CX with mud flying up everywhere and then kindly Jiber had stopped at the front of the peloton to make us aware of a branch that had fallen across the path.
Most sensible types got off and lifted their bikes over but I decided a bunny hop would be sufficient and attempted this which ended in epic fail as the rear wheel refused to follow the front  :-[

Finally we arrived at the Billy where we stubled across Sister Carol and the Danbury Dogger. We sampled some of the home brew from the onsite micro brewery Moody Goose first up Stark Mild followed by Brainstormer and then one other that I can't remember.

Another super evening as always  :thumbsup:

The Retiree:
I did indeed forget to add that SSN's choice of attire last night was more July than November..... Fingerless gloves and shorts

I see that OD has put up a duplicate report on the planning thread.

At his age he's easily confused I suppose.


--- Quote from: tedshred on 26 November, 2015, 06:39:11 am ---At the request of the MEMWNS Founding Fathers, this is a thread for reports and other important nonsense, leaving the main thread free for planning  :thumbsup:

--- End quote ---

What's a MEMWNS?


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