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Re: Liz Creese
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There is also another member of yacf with the same name as Giraffe, but he is more hirsute.

I will uncloak Giraffe by PM if this is needed.

Yes please.  :thumbsup:
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Re: Liz Creese
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I remember a LeJog in the early 1990s. Six of us started - Liz, the aforementioned Giraffe, me, John Reeks, Jimmy Green, and I think Peter Gifford. A group perm, except (a) it was decades before the term was coined and (b) we split up after about 2 miles and any idea of riding as a group flew out of the window. I think only Giraffe and Jimmy Green finished. I gave up at Worcester - it didn't help that it was the hottest weekend of the year and I'd ridden a 1000 the previous weekend. Before she hooked up with Rocco, Liz would arrange in advance to ride with an appointed gentleman (especially on overnght rides), in this case it was John Reeks. On other rides I recall Peter Hansen and Keith Miller filling this role. During the cross-toasting at one year's reunion there was a toast to "all the men who had spent the night with Liz Creese".
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