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Pursuant to my previous post I am thinking about getting a coach. I loved the 10mile TT I did and plan to do the full range next year plus LEL.

I am very happy to be coached by Internet/Skype and already use Sporttracks. I have a very variable timetable with some days which should be good and turn horrible (10pm) finishes and a very few that go the other way. So I need a coach that doesn't freak at missed sessions. I am geeky and already ride to power, HR and I measure my HRV regularly although not yet convinced.

I have gone LCHFfor diet so again geeky.

I have absolutely no interest in actually racing as it looks seriously dangerous.

I am also 57 but like Jamesid I want to be better than I am so that I can enjoy myself more and ride into my 80's.

Your advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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You have a PM


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I'll have to say I'm thinking similar.   I've been sort of making it as I go along and have seen quite a lot of improvements.    I have bought training manuals and get pretty bored part way through so I think I might need to be told what to do instead of trying to work it out.

I can't help feeling I'd be going better this year if I understood the process a bit better.