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Audax / Re: 200 women riding 200km
« Last post by ravenbait on Today at 09:26:44 pm »
FWIW, triathlons don't need you to be a member of anything. Membership of Tri Scotland or British Triathlon gets you a cheaper entry fee, but you don't have to be a member. A good rule of thumb is not to put additional hurdles in the way if you are trying to attract new people.
FWI (also)W:
very very few cycling events require membership of anything (or you can buy day membership for a teeny fee). And Triathlons are almost universally more expensive than the humble 200km Audax :P

I think there are other reasons for Tri being very gender-balanced, just MHO.

I was responding to a specific post. T42 said:

Bof. FFCT membership at the lowest rate costs 36€50. First-rime membership price is lower by a good whack. And it means you can also do diagonales, BCMF, mer/montagne and a bunch of other fun stuff.

I at no point suggested you need to be a member of Audax UK to do an audax. Nor did I suggest that lack of a membership requirement is the only thing that means triathlons are more gender balanced than cycling events.

But thanks for explaining something to me that I knew already  ::-) .

The Pub / Re: The Last 125
« Last post by FifeingEejit on Today at 09:23:24 pm »
With the size of the forces involved in a collision, there isn't much that could protect. The driver is at the front of a vehicle weighing 460 tonnes and often travelling at over 100mph.

These 125 HST trains have the weight at the ends. the APT was designed with the weight in the middle. I think in modern trains the weight is largely underneath. Where the weight is has been a factor - a weight at the front protects the remainder of the train. At Polmont the train was a push-pull with one driving car, at the front or the rear. When the train hit the cow the driving car was at the rear. It was considered that if the driving cars had been at the front the train may not have derailed.

The carriages on the 125s weren't built with crumple zones. Modern carriages are. However the carriages on a 125 were inherently safer than most of their predecessors, which had multiple doors and concertinaed up in a collision.

The best way to save lives is to engineer crashes and derailments out of the system.

Stonehaven - isn't there doubt over the inspection of drainage system around the track?

Polmont IIRC is the reason why so much of the Pendolinos driving carriages are taken up with functional stuff, no passengers in leading vehicles over 100mph.
The only diseasel/electric locos I can think of with any pretence of driver protection in an accident are the EE ones with noses.

The RAIBs interim report on Carmont is available on their website
Racing / Re: Giro 2021
« Last post by Mrs Pingu on Today at 09:07:00 pm »
Bloody Humax didn't record the Giro on Quest today :(
The Pub / Re: The Last 125
« Last post by hatler on Today at 09:04:39 pm »
There are events that really telescope time and this is one of them. Never mind the engine "whistle", what about the stink from the brakes?

Oh yes as a frequent York to London user of these for twenty years you soon learnt to not sit where the smell of the brakes seeped into the carriage.

Just be grateful that one of the major passenger experience malfunctions was discovered fairly early on in their East Coast Main Line career, in fact on one of the later test runs before entry into service according to my father (who was one of the BR Test and Acceptance Engineers for the Prototype HST and covered the Production Sets entry into service for the ECML).

They discovered that when there was a cross wind and the train was travelling at 125mph, the toilet at the rear of each coach flushed UPWARDS!!!  :jurek: :jurek:  My father's colleague discovered this when he went to the loo somewhere around Newark and returned saying "You'd better come and look at this!!" It was apparently due to the complicated interplay of air pressures under the vehicle! They quickly knocked together an air baffle to direct the air around the effluent exit pipe downwards, tested it and rolled it out across the fleet! Phew!  :P
I recall Private Eye reporting that problem on in-service sets under the headline "Flying Bananas".

Another limitation (as reported to me by my cousin, who was then some sort of postmaster) was that the access doors for the luggage/mail area, combined with the schedule, meant that it wasn't possible to get all the post in and all the post out before the train had to leave. A major source of irritation for the Royal Mail.
The Pub / Re: What have you fettled today?
« Last post by rogerzilla on Today at 08:55:22 pm »
Fitted a mudguard-mounted rear dynamo light with much less obtrusive cable routing.  On taking the rear wheel out to fit it, noticed the RH cone was loose, and I was going to do a regrease and ball swap anyway, so I did that.  Also took the freehub body off, removed the rear seal and lubed it.  Everything was in really good condition, even after thousands of miles and some appalling weather.
Arts and Entertainment / Breaking the fifth wall?
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Today at 08:41:57 pm »
If actors acknowledging the presence of the audience is known as breaking the fourth wall, what is the phrase to describe their acknowledgment of or interaction with the technical staff: sound, camera, lighting and so on? For instance, when we see actors remove their previously hidden microphones or hear them address comments to stage crew? There are obviously more opportunities for this in cinema and TV than on stage, but even on stage there are lighting and other technicians, and even the set itself. Is there even a term for this or maybe it's not distinguished from 'breaking the fourth wall'?
The Pub / Re: Super-Twat
« Last post by Feanor on Today at 08:25:05 pm »
Whilst I agree with him wrt Part P and associated ‘competent person’ nonsense in the U.K

Not in Scotland.
No Part P here.
The Knowledge / Re: Project Handlebar
« Last post by nikki on Today at 08:18:19 pm »
Anyway, since I seem to have no issues on the MTB, I think I'll spend a bit of time on that now, to try and get some cycle fitness back again.

 :thumbsup: Go to it!

Thanks for the photos, Kim. I think I can rule out thumbshifters now...
The Pub / Re: eBay rant
« Last post by rogerzilla on Today at 08:17:47 pm »
Had an email from J. Random Browser asking why something was £5 and is now £32.  Well, it got no bids at £5 (books don't tend to sell as auctions because people want them now) so is now BIN for £32 and can sit there until it sells.  It's still the cheapest copy of the book on eBay.  If you wanted it that much, you should have bid at £5, you knob.

I blocked him as a buyer.  He'd never leave good feedback.
OT Gallery / Re: Birds (feathered kind)
« Last post by cycleman on Today at 08:06:24 pm »
Looks yellow to me  ;) :)
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