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The Knowledge / Re: Heart rate monitor straps.
« Last post by SpaceBadger on Yesterday at 01:20:04 pm »
I stopped using Garmin ones as they don’t last very long. I buy the Polar soft strap equivalents now. They last longer and cost much less.

Intermittent or erratic HR measurements as described in the OP are usually caused by a faulty strap, in my experience. I’ve taken to properly dousing the strap in water, particularly the fabric sections on the front, before putting it on. This seems to help with incorrect, low HR rates being recorded early on a ride.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Fridges of Selly Oak calendar
« Last post by Kim on Yesterday at 01:13:40 pm »
And the calendars have arrived!  Only one really embarrassing design cockup that I've noticed...
OT Knowledge / Re: UK crisis analogue prepping?
« Last post by Wombat on Yesterday at 01:07:18 pm »
This is mostly standard procedure for us living in the wilds of mid-Wales!

We always keep loads of foodstuffs in, toilet rolls are a years supply anyway, we always have charged power packs, and a tonne or so of logs for the stove.  We have no electricity on Friday due to a transformer change, so we will adopt full measures for the day, including being careful with water (which is electrically pumped from the borehole to the storage tank) but will cheat and go out for lunch at a pub about 20 miles away.  Annoyingly there's an online lecture that Mrs W wants to see/hear, and of course its on friday, and there won't be a download available later. This means I'll have to sit in the pub and twiddle my thumbs while she watches it on her phone with headphones (and I'll have to remind her to shut up and not comment on it!).  Mid-day on a friday is a very odd time to be doing an online lecture!

Hopefully the transformer change will put a stop to the 2 second power cuts we keep getting.  Oh, and a pox on the electricity regulatory folk for making it so difficult to have one's home solar PV and battery system act as a backup.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Robh on Yesterday at 12:58:33 pm »
I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Fettled any computer stuff today?
« Last post by Afasoas on Yesterday at 12:57:23 pm »
Got Tidal Connect working under HifiberryOS. Absolutely no need for one of these expensive Network Streamers which will no doubt stop receiving any support within a few years of buying it, effectively turning it into a malware honeypot.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Benjamin Zephaniah (1958-2023)
« Last post by Robh on Yesterday at 12:55:19 pm »
 Very sad to read of his death. His biography left me wishing I could meet him, a thoroughly decent man.
The Pub / Re: Is it the end of cash?
« Last post by Wombat on Yesterday at 12:48:54 pm »
Most people would probably consider the nearest shop being "well over 3 miles away" a rural location.

My nearest of any sort is 7.5 miles away, but if I actually want to buy anything other than butchery (or visit a choice of 3 pubs!), its 12 miles away, and they're a bit iffy.  For "big shops/supermarkets", I have to travel to another country!
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Benjamin Zephaniah (1958-2023)
« Last post by barakta on Yesterday at 12:46:15 pm »
Shit. That's awful. He was a good one, made people think and I hope his legacy will live on to do that.
The Knowledge / Grippy 26" tyres?
« Last post by eckagain on Yesterday at 12:24:22 pm »
Can anyone recommend any decent "grippy" 26" tyres for my Winter Bike of Last Resort?
I have an old (1996) steel Marin Bear Valley* which I use when the roads can be a bit iffy round here. I'm currently running Schwalbe Marathons 26 x 1.25 (Not M Plus). They are bombproof but feel harsh and lack grip, even at low pressures, about 60psi. I suspect that the Marathons have quite a hard compound that wears well but contributes to the lack of grip.

Is there anything out there that might be more suitable? Obviously I can fit much wider tyres than the 1.25" that are on the bike just now.
Thanks for any suggestions.

* A vintage MTB. I used to use it when I did Bikeability training in local schools. One of the kids asked me, "Hey mister, did that used to be a mountain bike?"  ;D
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Benjamin Zephaniah (1958-2023)
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Yesterday at 12:07:57 pm »
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