Author Topic: Should Ross and Brand get sacked?  (Read 56778 times)


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Re: Should Ross and Brand get sacked?
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As I said, the Times investigation began 4 years ago, which puts it a mere 2 years into the me too era. The fact that most of the complainants wish to remain anonymous tells you quite a lot about the treatment they feel they may receive were they to publish their names.

And I imagine all of the complainants are still very much afraid of the fact that anything they say or do could severely restrict their chance of future employment opportunities in the TV industry especially if they're freelancers.

That's what I alluded to, even complaints of a minor discretion will likely lead to the complainant labelled 'awkward' and the consequent impact. Maybe we're all a little complicit in our valuing celebrity.
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Re: Should Ross and Brand get sacked?
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