Author Topic: Wahoo Elemnt companion app huge increase in mobile data consumption  (Read 1571 times)

Wahoo Elemnt users.  Has anyone noticed a huge increase in mobile data consumption with the companion app? A 2 hour 17 minute ride on 7th May consumed 1082MB of data. A 2 hour 22 min ride on 10th May consumed 971MB and today a 3 hour 10 min ride 1.3GB!  These numbers are massively higher than the normal usage by the app.
I had made no changes that I’m aware of to any of the settings within the app during that time.  I've been using it a good few years with no issues until now.
I've logged a query with Wahoo support and am awaiting their reply.  Anyone else had similar problems? Any advice? I've got APN in a couple of weeks and if it isn't resolved soon I'll have to get a Garmin or some other system. TIA

Did a 7 hour ride today with the app running.  Don't know exactly how much data was used but it's less than 10mb as that's all I've used today in total.

Normally I don't have the Elemnt app running on rides but I forgot to exit it today after selecting the route.  The only reason to have it running is so I can see email/text/call notifications on the Bolt.
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That's a seriously bonkers amount of data, more akin to streaming video than anything a navigation app might reasonably be doing!

I have the ELEMNT app switched to not using mobile data.

During a ride if the phone is on a mobile network I still get messages popping up on the Wahoo Bolt. But for long rides I tend to switch to airline mode so that I can enjoy the personal time, just using data at the stops.

Is there a reason why you need the app to be using mobile data? Maybe just switch it to using mobile data when you need to upload a ride without wifi?

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