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GWS Stephen Fry
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Stephen Fry uses walking stick after breaking his leg, pelvis and ‘a bunch of ribs’: ‘This is my first outing’

Eyewitnesses claimed that Fry fell two metres from the stage to the ground below and sustained injuries to his ribs and leg. He was then rushed to hospital for treatment.

Organisers of the AI and tech festival CogX said they were “deeply concerned” when they learned of Fry’s fall.

“We are thinking of him and wishing him a swift recovery. We have opened our own inquiry and until then we are not able to share any further details,” a spokesperson said.
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Re: GWS Stephen Fry
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Quote from: Conversation earlier
Barakta: Stephen Fry's broken his leg.
Kim: Literally, or in the thespo sense?
Barakta: He fell two metres off a stage.
Kim: Both then.  I did that once.  Didn't break a leg, but did have a screwdriver in my pocket.  Would not recommend.
*thoughtful pause*
Kim: He must be properly old by now.  That could be serious.  Hope he's okay.

Re: GWS Stephen Fry
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Maybe he was just practising getting down low enough to join John Cleese on his GB News show.


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Re: GWS Stephen Fry
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He's young, he'll be OK.

GWS allasame.
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