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Re: Pronunciation that makes you cringe
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Richard Osman, presenter of the very fine Richard Osman's House of Games, the word biopic is formed by running together "bio" as in biography and "pic" as in picture. Thus it is pronounced "bio pic" and not "bi opic". Apart from that, carry on the good work.
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Re: Pronunciation that makes you cringe
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Someone else did that on the distascope the other day.  Fortunately for them I can’t remember who it was, else a Reëducation Camp would beckon.  The only thing worse is describing a book as a “biopic”, as some publishing cretin did on the cover of the paperback edition of Ian Banks' “Espedair Street” :o
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Re: Pronunciation that makes you cringe
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In a US serial the other night, a supposed academic talking about codifying data as if she were going to convert it into fish.

And a Brit in a YT video about Redcoats fighting the Japanese in the 19th century, and yakking about the sam-your-eye. Ignorant sod.

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