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Eccentrica Gallumbits

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I saw two people fall over today. One was a little girl on a kids' bike - she somehow managed to topple over to the side, despite stabilisers. One was a small man wearing a beret and carrying a bag nearly as big as him - he tripped over a kerb and cut his finger open. I tried to help him but he said he was ok so I just stayed with him until he was up and off again.
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I lifted a large bag of compost into the back of woman's car yesterday. 
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Eccentrica Gallumbits

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My local Tesco Metro is shut for a week of refurbishment so I had to go to the one that used to be Flip. I bet they're not doing the sensible thing and getting rid of the self-service tills nobody uses and replacing them with staffed tills.
My feminist marxist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard.

Chris S

I see our road is going to be closed for two days from the 14th, so that the leaking water main can be fixed.

Eccentrica Gallumbits

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The other end of my road is closed for resurfacing and some idiot has ignored the PARKING RESTRICTED signs and left their car there. It's now barricaded in. I hope they resurface it.
My feminist marxist dialectic brings all the boys to the yard.


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I found a piece of chewing gum stuck to the underside of my desk at work.
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Two different project managers (who are unlikely to talk to each other) have asked me what my availability is to work for them.   Should I tell each of them that the other has requested 100% of my time? :demon:
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I was upset to hear someone had sprinkled glass on the road specially for us cyclists.  So when my "p" turned out to be caused by a thorn, I was quite pleased.


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I saw a broken-down Tesco home delivery van outside the Great Western hospital and put it on YouTube.
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Oh, I thought this might be another thread about knobs.
It is simpler than it looks.


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There's to be an election with democracy n stuff. Wake me up on 7th May


I've been told to put my feet up by the doctor because I had a threatened miscarriage at the weekend.  But because I have been good and done as I was told, MrDeborah bought the ingredients for us to make some fudge, which we made a couple of hours ago. It's now set and tastes lovely.

Rhys W

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I'm looking forward to receiving a pack of 100 ball bearings in the post tomorrow.

On the eastern side of Southwark Bridge earlier this evening, a Big Issue vendor who looks like my good friend Stuart (ie: a bit scary) and was doing what I can only describe as juggling his newspapers whilst performing a cross between body-popping and mime.

As I cycled past him, this caused me to go  ;D in no small way.


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Little M has just gone to bed clutching the two plastic dolphins that he played with in the bath.  Unfortunately they are both full of water.  These things happen when his mum's away.
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Tomorrow I'm off to Portsmouth, my old home town. It still feels odd going back there.


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I've got a daft sleeping cat lying on me.

The 120 GB Seagate HD on my daughter's Mac has died.

For the second time in the three years that she has owned it.
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I'm watching Masterchef and eating junk food.


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I just came home from Roller Derby training and am fannying about on the internet instead of going to bed.
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Every time I see Mal Volio's current avatar, I think it's Andy Gates.
Won't somebody think of the hamsters!


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Help, have found a cat.

Well its appeared and wandering round the house meowing.  Seems friendly, no collar but a bit thin.

Its currently enjoying the bean bag

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I had a toasted cheddar sandwich before coming to work. Mmmm lard......


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The cat seem to be hungry and follows me round the house.

He seems happy inside but must be someone's cat.


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Having recently discovered a source of very nice complimentary fruit in one of the hotel lounges, I am friends once more with my lower intestine  :)
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