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The Chimp Paradox
« on: 15 September, 2012, 09:27:14 am »
From a post in the Weight loss thread

Based on Oscar's dad's recommendation, I got a copy, and it's a fascinating book.

My chimp/limbic centre has a lot to answer for, but I mustn't be angry with my chimp, it's just doing what it does, I just need to manage it.

The book asks you to name your chimp. I decided to call mine Barry


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Re: The Chimp Paradox
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I decided to call mine Barry

Surely that's a sprout?
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Re: The Chimp Paradox
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Mine's Barney.  I didn't give it much thought.

I'm enjoying the book (which I learned about on the Weight Loss thread).

I said previously that I had a good angel/bad devil on opposing shoulders, one telling me to diet and one telling me to eat everything in the fridge.  I realised I have millions of years of evolution telling me to eat everything while it's available but having a pet chimp is as good a metaphor as any.

Re: The Chimp Paradox
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Seeing as I still can't read, I'm listening to this on the bike.

I'm fairly sure that focussing on his pronunciation (Yuman and reconise are my particular favourites) isn't what I was supposed to be doing as he guided me through replacing Gremlins with Autopilots.


Do any of you chaps reading think you can follow his advice sufficiently to make a lasting difference?