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OT Knowledge / Re: Self-balancing wheelchair
« Last post by ScumOfTheRoad on Today at 03:29:30 am »
ps I believe Segways themselves were developed to assist people with mobility difficulties.
Mrs Scum cannot be persuaded to try a trip on one - balance issues.
OT Knowledge / Re: Self-balancing wheelchair
« Last post by ScumOfTheRoad on Today at 03:27:47 am »
Wow. That is an amazing device.
Mrs Scum has a battery wheelchair provided by the local wheelchair service - you have to be prescribed it. She loves it and gets around fine on it.
I would love to get her to try one of these, but I don't see the wheelchair service ever providing one.
Mrs Scum also has a justified fear of toppling over backwards on steep slopes - it has happened to her a couple of times. I guess she would have to be pretty confident in one fo these to, for example, go up a ramp ontoa bus.

OT Knowledge / Re: Self-balancing wheelchair
« Last post by jsabine on Today at 01:27:42 am »
Don’t forget VAT and import duties on top of price and shipping costs

Should be able to get a chair without VAT
OT Knowledge / Re: Posting back to the EU
« Last post by jsabine on Today at 01:23:07 am »
FWIW, Senditnow (a cheaper rebrand of Parcelforce) will do a wheelbox sized parcel to France for £28 (includes insurance up to £100 - increasing this to £200 is still under £30), and Parcelmonkey reckons DPD will do it for under £18 (exc insurance beyond a nominal £20, and sized at 75x75x20cm).
The Sporting Life / Re: Euro 2020/21
« Last post by andyoxon on Today at 12:58:26 am »
Saka was impressive for England.
Audax / Re: LEJOG: 18-23 JULY 2021
« Last post by Andy Corless on Today at 12:13:23 am »
AUK have given all events the green light but judging by the current circumstances if the LEJOG AUDAX runs this year it'll now have to run as an X-rated basic event with no overnight controls because some of the controls can no longer accommodate us anyway due to the Pandemic. Many of the volunteers are understandably reluctant to attend as no one wants to social distance wearing a face mask for 2-3 days!

Scotland's current restrictions would limit the field to 50 riders however, these restrictions are due to be relaxed on 19 July. LEJOG wouldn't arrive there before 20 July so there's room for manoeuvre here but this could be extended or even tightened at anytime and what we don't want of course is to have to cull the ride halfway through.

The spread of the Delta variant in North West England is also a major concern. Visitors to Manchester and Salford are not eligible to travel to Scotland and this travel ban could be extended to Lancashire at anytime.

Nightmare at the moment but I'm confident that things will improve later this year and optimistic that next year's edition, set for 03-08 July 2022, will be a full value event and be a success.

All the 2021 entrants will be receiving emails later this week. Those that preferred to transfer over to next year (which I'm certain will go ahead as planned) will also be receiving confirmation emails.

As an aside, I'm as confident that the next event I'm organizing after LEJOG, Inverness 1200, set for 11-15 September will also be a success. Scotland plan to remove all restrictions around 09 August 2021.

Andy Corless
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Virtuoso piano technique
« Last post by Wowbagger on Yesterday at 11:52:59 pm »

An event tomorrow at 7pm - Andras Schiff giving a masterclass teaching the last three Beethoven sonatas, op 109, 110, 111.
The Sporting Life / Re: Euro 2020/21
« Last post by Basil on Yesterday at 11:50:50 pm »
Unhappy for Scotland,  but pleased for Modrić.
Audax / Re: Damon Peacock
« Last post by Flatlander on Yesterday at 11:30:40 pm »
That's really sad news. I've met Damon a few times at the start and in the middle of long events and on ferries to the PBP. He always added to the events and provided good videos and interviews which showed what the events were like, happy, sunny, cold, wet.  Damon was quite motivational when turning up at a control in the middle of the night in Yorkshire weather. Someone I'll never forget.
The Pub / Re: The RANT thread (often contains fruity language)
« Last post by cygnet on Yesterday at 11:25:42 pm »
No, the seller can effectively accept any of the offers, or none of them. The difference is that once it's accepted, it's accepted, unlike the English system, where anyone at any point before the eventual exchange of contracts, can turn up with a better offer or the buyers can simply change their minds.

Is there an added complication, that in England, once contracts are exchanged the buyer become liable for the deposit (10%) if they pull out. But the seller loses nothing by accepting a higher different offer?
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