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London Paddling
« on: 23 November, 2019, 10:26:18 am »

I just stumbled across this whilst telling myself "I Don't Need A Packraft".....     excellent report on paddling around the London canals.
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Re: London Paddling
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Excellent. Years ago I met a fellow traveller in Alaska who had an inflatable canoe.  He was able to transport it on his bike and then when in the canoe it carried the partially disassembled bike.


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Re: London Paddling
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I've been considering getting some sort of small paddlable craft. I haven't come to any conclusions yet though. There a few small creeks in the Saarfend area where you can simply mess about a fair bit.

My pal Jon has one but I don't know that he's used it a lot lately. He's too busy trying to save the human race.
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