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Soft Campag Ergo
« on: 30 November, 2019, 06:17:52 pm »
My pre 2009 Campag Daytona 9sp ergo has very soft action with indistinct indexing.  Now it's off the bike the ratchet will not hold the internals in position.  What needs replacing?  Just the G springs or shuld I be looking to replace other bits as well.

There's lots of resouce out there on reassembly but not that I've found on what parts need replacement .  I last replaced bits more than a decade ago but not in this particular shifter.


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Daytona was replaced with Centaur. Centaur was Ultrashift 10s from 2002 to 2006 and  2007 and 2008 Centaur ergos were QS/ES type. Daytona ergos finished in 2001 with a choice of 10s or 9s ultrashift type. So yours are almost certainly ultrashift type.

No-one can tell you for sure what parts need replacing without looking inside your shifters but if the shifting is just 'soft' the usual three main wear parts are

- G springs
- index wheel
- G spring carrier

You can buy the G springs and carrier easily enough but index wheels are less easy to come by.  It is not a bad idea to get a quote for the parts and the work from one of the folk that do this sort of thing; it might be more reasonable than you think.  But if it is just G springs and the carrier then the parts alone will only be ten quid or so.


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Thanks brucey.  I was hoping to strip and rebuild in one session, but it does make sense to examine the internals.

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I've found Condor good in the past.

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Looking at Youtube assembly videos I notice that my lever is assembled differently.

The coil spring is hooked over the lever body rather than being hooked over the post on the G spring carrier.  Like it appears the left hand lever is arranged.  I don't suppose this will make much difference?

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difference to what?   Parts compatibility?

If you look on the campag website they have an archive of parts pdfs; using these you can determine which part numbers are used in your shifters.  Often it was common for campag to use the same parts in their low end shifters as in their high-end ones (where possible); if so this makes it easier to source parts.

For example parts with 'RE-***' numbers are Record parts (originally) even if they are found in other shifters.   However there are occasions where there are different part numbers but the Record/Chorus parts will still fit and work OK. There is no way (other than trying it or knowing through experience) if this might be the case; campag don't publish parts compatibility tables per se.


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I meant difference in operation.

Anyway, I bought new G springs and carrier from GB Cycles and rebuilt it.  Quite easy, following sick biker on YouTube.  Feels nice and clicky now.

Thanks for help.


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yay, result!