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Can i do a straight swap?

Byercycles have both Allen key and nutted DP calipers in a variety of drops.  Good prices too.  clicky, scroll down a bit


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Whoops I misread, my road Longstaff has rear cantis and is normally drilled for the ront mounted caliper brake.  But I have just nipped out to look at the yeti which has front cantis and the extension bar which in this bike acts as a straddle wire stop (if the cable breaks).  However this is held on by an allen bolt and appears to be the same as a caliper brake bolt - I didn't have a caliper to check.  If yours is the same the extension bar unscrews (mine did just now) and the caliper should just mount in it's place.  What you will need to do is put in a light bracket or similar to act as a straddle wire stop.

All I can suggest is that you have a tinker and see if you can remove the extension and get hold of a caliper and trial fit it.

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To support tatanab's description, here are some photos he provided (PDF). You can see the different mountings on his two Longstaff trikes in the first photo (blue with front&back, red with both front using a post-mount). Then there are some close-ups of a Rogers* with a post-mount similar to mine.

* N+1 applied to trikes? Don't think I could get away with that ;D

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Out of interest, is that post mount brazed on or bolted on?  I have a terribly inefficient rear axle drum brake on my Rogers that provides at best mild retardation on a gentle slope but little more, despite fiddling about with cable adjustement, travel, cleaning, etc.  I'd quite like to switch to two front brakes and perhaps save a little bit of weight.  If the front canti cable snapped on a steep downhill I shudder to think of the consequences...

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The post mount on my Rogers is brazed on - can't speak for tatanab's in the pictures. Mine also has a foot-actuated drum brake, which is about as effective as yours, but that is in addition to the two caliper ones in an arrangement like that on the black Rogers in the PDF. This may have something to do with the previous owner living in North Yorkshire...

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Out of interest, is that post mount brazed on or bolted on?
Brazed in every case.  I imagine the reason it is on an allen key for the Yeti is because it is there as a straddle wire stop in the event of failure.

To fit two front brakes there are a number of educated bodges you can do.  One is to mount two sidepull brakes on a long through bolt.  I believe that Chris Hewitt cycles has a specially made bolt for this (telephone 01582 763622).  It might even be able to support a DP as the forward of the two brakes - I don't know.  The other bodge was to fit a brake in front of the forks and one behind, again with a long through bolt.  This would be easy enough with a DP in front of the blades and SP behind, although steering lock may be limited unless the rear brake cable entered from underneath.  I know that there is now a clip on brake to fit the forks of a track bike with no drilling, so that might work - I cannot recall the brand or model.

Plenty of options to play with.

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Clip on brake here
Scroll down to bottom of page
Other useful brakes like the centre pull ones.
ICE Classic NT
3 Speed Langster
Thorn "Dog bike"
Kickback Retro.


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If Resus1UK or anybody else with any interest, would like to send me an email address  can send you a pdf of instructions and exploded diagram for a Longstaff axle.  It is something he put together a few years ago now.

Pedant - it is not a differential, it is a two wheel drive.  Quite different animals.

I only ever put a little oil in the old Sachs/Maillard TWD.  Sprockets for these are becoming hard to find, so like Tuggo I recommend a change to Trykit.

Eleven years on the Yeti still lives as a one of a kind.  Helped by a full board of Sachs sprockets and should the need arise a spare TWD unit.