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Skip Bike and Bodge It / Re: TSR framebag prototype; thoughts?
« Last post by PhilO on Today at 08:43:35 am »
The more I look at it in the flesh, the more I wonder if just knocking up something similar in stiff mesh to form a basket might actually be more useful than a full-blown bag?
The Pub / Re: The "I'm Such a Fecking Div" Thread
« Last post by Legs on Today at 08:30:45 am »
Mending a door handle using box of old parts. I needed to cut the bar, that joins the two handles together, to fit.

Have it in the vice, attacking it with the junior hacksaw. It required a fair amount of welly, must have been hardened steel or something, getting about 80% through and thought "This'll give any second n........" BLAM! Final bit sheers, sending my ungloved thumb directly into the freshy cut, hot metal stub.

My testes receded into my body, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. i inspected the wound. Deep, grey wound. "Oh, it's not even bleedi........" Wave of pain, profuse bleeding ensues. I went through several dressings before it started to gum up giving me ample time to think "I'm such a fecking div!"

Ouch, mend soon!  I got that feeling when I had a contretemps with my hedge-cutters a while back...
OT Knowledge / Cutting vegetation from boundaries - the law?
« Last post by TPMB12 on Today at 08:26:34 am »
Probably a question that common sense would answer but what is my right to cut back vegetation growing from other properties into my own over the boundary wall?

My guess is I can cut back to the boundary but can't kill the plant.

BTW it's mostly ivy which I really hate. Part of it is starting to grow up the house on the wall that was repaired and made good a few years back. Ivy gets into walls and if you're not careful keeps growing even if you cut the planted stem. Insidious IMHO.

I've just cleared one lot of ivy away from my side of the house and to a point just below the top of the wall on my side. On another boundary away from the house it's cut back to the top of the wall. Important because we're planning on putting a bed in there. Complication is that second part is our property but there's a right of access to residents through that area. Hence the need to tidy up and put a bed in. It looks uncared for so the nice dog owners of the area think it's a doggy toilet. Theory 1 tidy it up and create a bed full of nice plants will make the stupid, ignorant, irresponsible and inconsiderate dog owners think twice about letting dog poop there without picking it up. Plus if the ivy is off the walls I can put a sign on it if needed. A lot of houses round our way put signs up about dog mess a real problem a couple of years ago. A known few dog owners (at least one was not even from the immediate area. Imagine dealing your dogs several blocks from your house to poop outside someone's door?

So I can legally cut back vegetation I hope. Just not use high dose weed killer to kill it back to the roots. I assume the weedkiller idea is illegal or could result in costs to me if caught.
Audax / Re: Brevet Cymru 2018
« Last post by Ajax Bay on Today at 07:28:09 am »
Make sure you find the correct cardinal point cafe.
And I note this: "In the past, a few cyclists have decided to leave a few minutes early, anyone doing so will risk their ride not being validated."
Perhaps they were helpers, but a couple of fast chaps headed off at 0545 on Saturday from the Heart of England start at Cirencester which was  a touch (15 minutes) precipitate. Perhaps they were concerned about the Cotswolds and hitting the max speed at the control at Alchester (65k).
Audax / MOVED: navigation system
« Last post by The Movers on Today at 07:20:21 am »
GPS / Re: navigation system
« Last post by Ajax Bay on Today at 07:19:07 am »
DC Rainmaker
To get an answer better than those you can read above, you'll need to define what your personal navigational needs are and what else you'd want the machine to be able to do (eg ride/HR/cadence/power interface/display and phone alerts and more).
GPS / navigation system
« Last post by The Wheeler on Today at 07:08:13 am »
Hi Rob gill here,
I am thinking of buying a GPS for audaxing,
 any recomendations?
The Knowledge / Re: Wider rims - which ones?
« Last post by Blodwyn Pig on Today at 07:02:51 am »
Vote here for H plus son TB 14, 17mm internal width, look retro, ie shallow and flat, and come in Black, Ano grey, and polished.
Audax / Re: 2018 North Yorkshire Brevets Unpopulaire
« Last post by psyclist on Today at 06:59:56 am »
That’d be me  :)

I enjoyed hearing about Oscar’s Dad’s experience last year, so when the opportunity to drive up with jiberjaber came along it was a no brainier. It’ll be new terrain for me, and I like the off-road format, getting a few climbs in, and hopefully enjoy some great views.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: What was the last film you watched?
« Last post by Ashaman42 on Today at 06:57:30 am »
Pixels. I didn't expect it to be good but it was even more awful than anticipated.

Just don't.

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