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On The Road / Re: Matt LeBlanc is an arse
« Last post by Croft on Today at 11:05:15 am »
A useful rule of thumb for use of the horn is "would the recipients* be grateful for me beeping?"

If the answer is no, don't do it.

*Which isn't just the driver of the car that you think deserves a beep.
Audax / Re: Random audax questions
« Last post by frankly frankie on Today at 11:02:39 am »
IN 1904 Henri Desgrange - the managing director of the magazine Auto visited Italy and was so impressed with the idea that he produced some regulations. These Audax regulations formed cyclists into groups, each with its captain, which stayed together for the entire ride. This method of riding is known today as Euraudax.
Now I'm not even sure if the Desgrange regs did specify fixed route? Can someone confirm?

I would suggest the fact that there is a captain and everyone else has to stay with heavily implies a fixed route, even if it is only inside the captain's head.
On The Road / Re: Matt LeBlanc is an arse
« Last post by clarion on Today at 11:01:23 am »
I cannot remember the last time I used the horn (and I've driven in London quite a lot in recent years).  The only reason I know what the horn in Red Ted sounds like is because I accidentally pressed it when opening a packet of jaffa cakes (while stationary).
V-brakes with matching levers.
These will be more powerful than 'trad' cantis, but with the disadvantages that it is harder to get fat tyres out and modulation isn't as good.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Guy on Today at 10:58:55 am »
Taxman - The Beatles
Looks like the CX50 is still available, which is AFAICS 105-level rather than Ultegra.
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: What's my Iphone full of?
« Last post by rusky on Today at 10:55:34 am »
I have an IPhone 5C. It was cheap two and a half years ago and now I've paid it off it's even cheaper as I'm effectively on a no contract sim only deal, which I like.

However, the phone is constantly full. I'm getting reminders it's full and spent two hours last night going through photos and apps to try to get above the magic 300mb of free storage in order to transfer what was left to iCloud (which I don't think I fully understand).

Having got rid of all non-essential apps and photos and videos there really isn't much of any use left. I've basically got Strava, Whataspp (from which I cleared all messages containing videos and photos) and the original Apple apps I can't remove Yet I only have 338.2MB of storage and have used 4.7GB.

4.7GB? What the hell is using 4.7GB? I assume when you delete stuff there is some residue - in fact I deleted an app then reinstalled it and it took up more space than the original app had so there is definitely residue somewhere.

How do I clear it and start again? I'm tempted to run a factory reset but I'm not sure that will actually do anything for the hard drive (or whatever the smartphone equivalent is called).

I know I'm supposed to buy the latest one every two years and keep throwing money at new tech but I'm not interested. I like the phone I've got.
If you go to settings and storage usage it will show where the usage is.

What I've seen is that apps retain a load of crap especially WhatsApp!

Also photos go to the bin that you then have to empty!

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Freewheeling / Re: Forumite spotting
« Last post by Basil on Today at 10:54:23 am »
A car parked outside the Porth in Llandysul this morning, with a Cannondale in the back and an Audax UK sticker on the back window.
The Knowledge / Re: Dynamo front hub / wheel advice...
« Last post by sojournermike on Today at 10:53:37 am »
The Superstar Pave 28 rim is a Kinlin XC279 iirc. Easily obtainable from a number of sources and shouldn't be expensive to just build a new one.

The SV-9 hub can be radially laced in 20 or 24 hole variants, or you could get a 24 hole 2x lacing.

Brucey is right, the flange spacing is a bit narrow (but I think the same is true of the 8 series too). I built a 24 spoke radially laced wheel that's been fine, but one of the reasons I didn't build a 20h was exactly that. I seem to weight about 80kgs. The build was to see how light I could build a set of dynamo semi aero wheels - c.1800g was the result.

V-brakes with matching levers.
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