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Re: Performance nosedive - no 'oomph' anymore
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How's your morning wood?

Spragg tells a story about a coach who used to put a hair in the yoghurt at breakfast – the rider who picked out the hair without comment was OK to train, whereas the rider who blew up in annoyance needed a rest day.
I'd fail this test. I'm really F**** irritable and impatient.

Been doing some reading about RED-S and made some dietary changes. I have been relying on protein shakes to get my protein intake up. They are filling, but possibly too filling. Ditched those for the last week and I'm noticeably more hungry, so that makes it easier to make myself eat 'solid' food.

Guidance for recovery and avoiding RED-S suggests doing more weight training. Haven't been doing that, mostly due to lack of time. So I'll ditch some of the kayak sessions for weight training sessions.
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