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The Pub / Bestest bargain from Maplin
« Last post by Gattopardo on Today at 09:06:57 pm »
So now maplins is disappearing and there are bargains to be had.  Or not.  My local has now closed but had a bargain clear out bit for a pound and this was my bargain. 

The 50amp clamps and connectors were worth a whole £1

WTF am I going to do with d sub cases?
Camping It Up / Re: Recommendations for bike camping frying pan?
« Last post by Oxford_Guy on Today at 09:04:32 pm »
What's wrong with frying in the (sauce)pans?
Lack of space I suppose.  You'd...
Ahh, I didn't think of bacon in a 27 although without the frypan a 25 is only 200mm diameter or 12mm wider than a full 27 (frypan 188mm according to datasheet) and its big pan is wider.

Given the crudeness of the simmer control do you fry in lard or just fine tune with Pulse-height-modulation (lift pan upwards a lot when too hot)....until I understood the inner bit* of the simmer ring actually fine tuned the simmer* I had to do this a lot even for pasta sauces in pans  :-[

*because school Trangias didn't have it on their older flip up simmer rings

I only ever bother to use my Trangia 27 with the gas adapter, can't be bothered to faff around with meths. For cycle camping I prefer to use my MSR Ti cookset and MSR Windpro stove, but it has no frying pan... I guess I could just take a Trangia 25 frying pan with my MSR set, the Trangia 27 frying pan is really too small for a fry-up
The Knowledge / Re: Di2 Failure mode
« Last post by Brucey on Today at 09:03:49 pm »
there are such things as 'dry break' hydraulic connectors. They are fiercely expensive but they may provide a solution to Hydro brakes and S&S couplings.

BTW hydro brakes will of course (sooner or later) fail to a leak. There is no maintenance regime (other than routine replacement of seal parts, and even then it isn't guaranteed) that helps to stave off this outcome.

 They also have the side effect of making the very lazy (who like to buy these things because they are 'low maintenance', ha!) end up riding dangerous bikes.  With 'open' type hydro brakes the pads can wear down to the backing and there is no clue that this has happened until it is too late.

With other brakes you need to manually adjust them which means you are more likely to keep an eye on the condition of the brake blocks/pads.

The Pub / Re: The Grumble Thread - No energy for a full on rant.
« Last post by tiermat on Today at 08:58:44 pm »
On the train home, today, the idiot sat behind me was taking, and receiving, calls at maximum volume. All. The. Way. From. London. To. NTR.

I developed a very loud and persistent cough past Peterborough.
The Pub / Re: Little Eye On The Provinces
« Last post by hellymedic on Today at 08:55:07 pm »
Reunited now.

Bit concerned they're too scatty to be safe on the roads.
The Knowledge / Re: Integrated headset help for dummies
« Last post by Brucey on Today at 08:50:35 pm »
you could take about 1/3 off the length and the top would only be ~1mm larger diameter, which wouldn't cause any harm. Spacers vary in size more than that.

BTW some of these parts have flat bottoms but most have various small steps on them. Obviously if you get a new one it needs to be the same shape underneath, else there will be trouble.

Rides and Touring / Re: Dunwich Dynamo TRAINS
« Last post by Kim on Today at 08:48:15 pm »
I've just realised the page linked to and quoted in the OP is from last year!
Rides and Touring / Re: Dunwich Dynamo TRAINS
« Last post by iZaP on Today at 08:43:02 pm »
I came here expecting to find actual organisation of peloton "trains" for the ride or ride back!
Gallery / Re: 'found this on a ride today'!
« Last post by Gattopardo on Today at 08:40:16 pm »
So anyone know what this is:

GPS / Re: Wahoo Elemnt BOLT
« Last post by Aidan on Today at 08:26:08 pm »
Ni its from any retailer other than ebay or amazon  marketplace .  I looked at the T&Cs yesterday  copied below

"All retailers and stockists in the UK are “Participating Retailer(s)” with the exception of purchases from auction websites (e.g. eBay) or marketplace sales through retail websites (e.g. Amazon Marketplace or Play Trade) are specifically excluded from this Promotion. The Qualifying Product must not be sold as part of another Promotion (save for Promotions offered directly by the Participating Retailers). Purchases made through Wahoo Pro Deals are excluded from this Promotion."
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