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The Pub / Re: The price of timber - what is it in other countries?
« Last post by Jurek on Yesterday at 06:51:14 pm »
This isn't the moment to be getting Gary (my low budget fix it man) to be giving me quotes on replacing my fence.
Is it?
The Pub / Re: Amazon - it’s complicated
« Last post by Beardy on Yesterday at 06:47:46 pm »
Encryption and the hacking thereof has been an arms race since the invention of encryption. Anything one person can dream up anther person can dismantle. This has also been known for as long as the first cyphers, with governments putting significant resources into both sides of the equation. It’s fascinating to watch from the sidelines and indeed it provided me with an income for 3 years.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Yesterday at 06:39:04 pm »
Superheroes Of BMX ~ Mogwai
The Pub / Re: Super-Twat
« Last post by Efrogwr on Yesterday at 06:37:43 pm »
"... innovated* in the courtroom..."

First, what about case law and the use of legal precedents in English Law?


Second, * his linguistic ability is as limited as all his other mental "processes".

Arts and Entertainment / Re: What was the last film you watched?
« Last post by andyoxon on Yesterday at 06:36:37 pm »
14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible

Nims Purja's incredible mountain climbing project.   :thumbsup:
The Pub / Re: Amazon - it’s complicated
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Yesterday at 06:35:47 pm »
DRM may be removed from Kindle boks using Calibre and the DeDrm plugin, which is a Useful Thing even if all you want to do is make the Kindle titles consistent over, say, a series of crime novels in which the guilty party is nearly always the Scotsman.

I'm purty certain that no longer applies to the latest encryption on recent Kindle OS.

Apprentice Harper, who maintains the DeDRM plugin, says:

Quote from: Apprentice Harper
It also now includes code that should handle the latest KFX encryption used by the latest Kindle for PC and Kindle for Mac. How long this code will work is anyone's guess. It may be that Amazon will update Kindle for PC/Mac very quickly. In which case, the existing work-arounds to get KF8 format should still work.
Tandems / Re: Tandem Gearing
« Last post by JefO on Yesterday at 06:22:08 pm »
I'm using a very simple 2 x 7 set up, on one of the tandems we have.
50 / 34 Crankset
34 / 11 Cassette
There is a bit of a jump between 2nd and 1st on the cassette, but if you are changing down from the 28t second gear, while using the lower chain ring, chances are you would soon be begging for the 34 if there were interim sprockets, so it cuts out a bit of faffing.

The other tandem has 3 x 9, and we need the lower gearing that provides (26T smaller ring/ 30T cassette) as it is a semi-recumbent and my wife cannot apply as much grunt from her deckchair.

Please note these are both with 26" rear wheels.

The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by canny colin on Yesterday at 06:20:40 pm »
Sunshine Superman  ~ Mell Torme
The Pub / Re: Super-Twat
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Yesterday at 06:19:59 pm »
Quote from: Midair Bacon
I think the drift towards continental-style privacy laws, innovated in the courtroom, not by elected lawmakers in the House of Commons, is something that we can and should correct.

Thing is, Mr Super-Twat, any changes in BRITAIN'S privacy laws are not due to some fiendish plot by the Unelected Bureaucrats of BrusselsTM but rather by the behaviour of our own tabloid press, who are grimly opposed to anything that makes it harder to put the boot into for e.g. trans people, the Duchess of Sussex, ect and, moreover, ad nauseam
Rides and Touring / Re: Mid-Essex Mid-Week Nocturnal Series
« Last post by huggy on Yesterday at 06:17:19 pm »
I am keen to be awheel this week and next.

The forecast is not marvellous for this Wednesday so an EER venue would be ideal.

Curry either week works but we seem to be missing people both weeks.   Actually, the only person we need is AndyC3333333333333333 and his magic purse.  The fewer of us that turn up, the more per head he will be able to lavish on us.

I'm happy with a EER option.
While rehydrating after plodding round the SAE on Saturday the venerable AndyC3333333333 and I discussed The Vine (now sadly minus the fun minstrels' gallery) in Black Notley as a destination that should be visited again, it might just qualify as an EER venue.
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