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reglazing prescription glasses
« on: 15 November, 2021, 09:26:24 pm »
I have a pair of Oakley split jackets which must be 12 years old.  The prescription lenses are rather scratched and I would like to replace the lens.  Oakley no longer make the split jacket or replacement lenses.

I have found an online service called lensology who sound as if they could do this.  I wondered if anybody had any other recommendations. 

The prescription is not very strong but is a varifocal.  The lens of course is a fairly complex shape being Oakley!

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After 12 years, I would get a new pair. I also have a pair split jackets, almost as old as yours and they’re  still ok but the lenses, also varifocals cost more than twice the cost of the frames. I’m not complaining, they’re very good but when they eventually give up the ghost I’ll get a new pair as the frames aren’t really the expensive bit.
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Re: reglazing prescription glasses
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I had my Flak Jackets re-glazed by my local opticians (who sent them off to some wizard they use), they did a fantastic job and were cheaper than the online quotes. I was told that whoever the they use could do nearly any sports glasses with a better quality lens than the original Oakley prescriptions I previously used. Varifocals for me have been a nightmare as regards getting the "vari level" where I like it, so it was reassuring to use the optician I normally go to (sorry don't know the technical terms for lenses).

Having said that, as yoav says, the frames are the cheap part, mine went brittle and cracked, but as original Flak Jackets fitted well and are still available I stuck with them.

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I would not hesitate to reccommend -

Earlier this year, Colin reglazed a pair of 15 year old Ray-Ban shades (style no longer available) with prescription lenses and matched the original RB green tint and polarization. He was great at communication and progress and I just felt really pleased to deal with him. All via email, telephone, WhatsApp and mail order.

Check out his blog - - where he reveals several Oakley and Ray-Ban reglazes

I have no link at all with Colin. Just very satisfied customer and very impressed with him and his service :thumbsup:

(discovered him via YouTube, where he has a video demonstrating how glasses are reglazed)

ETA the lens shape, or more specifically the severe curvature on these old style wrap around Ray-Bans did cause Colin a bit of bother fitting them in the solid all round frame, with new prescription lenses. Got the impression he liked challenges and what he does.

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Thank you

YOAV, my enquiry of lensology also noted the age and the risk of fatigue failure. 

Slope, thank you. that seems a really good source and I will certainly look at his prices

Overall as you say, the frame is the cheap bit so getting a new frame likely to give m another 10 years seems reasonable and sensible.