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SiL in Westhill has completely lost her garage roof!


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We are within a gnat's crotchet of recording the driest November ever in Essex. My brother tells me that the Essex Water Co record is 13.6mm in 1978. His figure currently stands at 10.8mm, ours at 7.4mm for the month. We live about 15 miles apart.

There is no more rain forecast for November, but at present the Met Office are predicting about 3 hours of rain from midnight on Wednesday 1st December. Since the official cut-off point is 9am the following day, that could easily take us over 13.6mm.
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Scenes of devastation

IMG_9226_01 by The Pingus, on Flickr
That's a crime scene. Call the polis to investigate this foul deed or wheelbarrow murder!
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Mrs P and I went for a wee walk in the local woods this arvo. There was a lot of this:

IMG_9247_01 by The Pingus, on Flickr

And some of this:

IMG_9256_01 by The Pingus, on Flickr

IMG_9259_01 by The Pingus, on Flickr

Arwen Aftermath

Not as dramatic as the Pingus, but we spent the weekend in the Welsh Borders.
We were supposed to be performing at the Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fair.
We did manage to find somewhere to sing, but our accommodation was all electric, and the power only came back on at about nine this morning.
Fortunately, the owners of the holiday cottages where we were staying dug out a barbecue and a camping stove for us to borrow, and the port and whisky didn't need cooking anyway.
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