Author Topic: When do you cook up?  (Read 1431 times)

When do you cook up?
« on: 19 April, 2011, 02:44:59 pm »
As the title suggests, when would you consider an acceptable stop for a brew?
Is it a regular thing to carry a brew kit on shorter rides or are there times when a cafe stop is just a bit more realistic?
Do you just stop and brew up at the side of the road or is it the norm to find a suitable secluded picnic spot?

Living just outside of London, outdoor cooking is rather alien to me. We do it when we camp but the thought of going on an all day road ride and stopping to make a cuppa seems absurd.
I'm trying to warm (forgive the pun  ;)) to the idea though.

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Re: When do you cook up?
« Reply #1 on: 19 April, 2011, 06:18:19 pm »
First thing in the morning, for certain.  That's half the point of camping :D

When compelled to stop by grimness (fatigue, mechanicals or foul weather...) in all likelihood. 
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Re: When do you cook up?
« Reply #2 on: 19 April, 2011, 11:49:02 pm »
It usually bookends the cycling day: once in the morning for coffee and porridge, once in the evening for coffee and scran.

Occasionally, I'l break out the kit during the day, but only very occasionally: my packing isn't usually sophistomicated enough to accommodate getting stuff out during the day.

Re: When do you cook up?
« Reply #3 on: 20 April, 2011, 08:16:23 pm »
On the FNRttS, we brew up in the middle of the road at 3am.
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Re: When do you cook up?
« Reply #4 on: 20 April, 2011, 08:49:39 pm »
I can only recall two instances where we (I) have stopped to make a brew, that was approx 3am on a night ride to Whitby & approx 5am during the Dun Run.  Most of the rest of the time a pub / bar / cafe does. If not , water.

Morning cooking in nearly always just water for tea/coffee. Occasionally water to add to instant porridge, but if I can find it I'll use milk. Evening meals are usually the full hit. I only use dehydrated food if I'm trying to travel super light.
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Re: When do you cook up?
« Reply #5 on: 20 April, 2011, 08:53:17 pm »
I don't.  I ride/camp with other people who are far better at all that than me, and leave it up to them :)

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Re: When do you cook up?
« Reply #6 on: 20 April, 2011, 09:00:19 pm »
I'll cook in the morning and evening, when camping, but otherwise I've only ever got the cookery kit out when we've been doing a non-FNRttC night ride, like the Dun Run, or the Solstice WARTY.  Even when we did the Definitely Not A Christmas Friday Night Ride to Bognor, we stopped at services for 3amses, rather than carrying cookery kit, and using that.

For the Solstice WARTY, the route was pretty much devoid of civilisation, so stopping anywhere wasn't an option, and for the Dun Run it was easier, and possibly faster to brew up coffee myself!
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Re: When do you cook up?
« Reply #7 on: 20 April, 2011, 10:22:32 pm »
I'm usually happy to support the local economy with a couple of quid in exchange for tea and cake.  For when that's not an option I have a Jetboil.  Not the fastest or lightest stove, it is IMO perfect for roadside brew ups.  It's a neat all in one unit and has the advantage of not looking like a stove if you don't want to attract attention.  I usually carry it on all long rides, though don't always use it.