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Re: Sh!te courier thread
« Reply #675 on: 10 November, 2021, 09:43:21 am »
Oh dear, Hermes :sick:  are due to deliver a parcel today.


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Re: Sh!te courier thread
« Reply #676 on: 10 November, 2021, 09:50:58 am »
Oh dear, Hermes :sick:  are due to deliver a parcel today.

Just be thankful that it's not Yodel  :hand:  - the absolute pits around these parts


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Re: Sh!te courier thread
« Reply #677 on: 24 November, 2021, 08:54:29 pm »
I am not really sure I should complain about this.  I have been getting messages that I had a parcel split to two ordered by me. Today is Wednesday and I was informed that one parcel arrives Friday and one arrives Saturday. Ok nothing expected yet.  Last night I was up late watching a series on youtube so I had a long lie in. Shortly afternoon I heard what might have been a door bell. I get up. Nothing posted through the door saying a parcel had been delivered. So I go about my day. Ten minutes ago I come home from my brothers house and check my e-mail. A parcel has been delivered in a secure location. Eventually I find my way to the Hermes tracking site with a picture of my next weekend parcels lying on the path beside my house. Oh I think, I did not lock the gate. My first reaction was to check the gate. It was bolted.  The courier had thrown my packages over the gate then held his phone camera above his head and taken the photograph I saw.  Fortunately nothing fragile and it was not a wet day. 

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Re: Sh!te courier thread
« Reply #678 on: 29 November, 2021, 11:35:15 am »
Not sure whether this qualifies as shite, but if I pay extra for delivery on a specific day, viz. tomorrow then I do not expect my Stuffs to turn up twenty-four hours ahead of schedule.  Fortunately general tardiness and moral turpitude meant that I was at home rather than freezing utterly to DETH between Larrington Towers and Mr Sainsbury’s House of Toothy Comestibles.
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Re: Sh!te courier thread
« Reply #679 on: 30 November, 2021, 06:16:46 pm »
Ah FedEx. I suppose I should be grateful that they’re not holding my Microwave from Germany to ransom (bought through Amazon. But tracking has, until 18:01, said delivery by 18:00 and “on time”. It still says “on time”, but delivery is no “by the end of the day”, the extent of which is cunningly undefined.

Aaaand - I still haven't got it. On it's supposed journey from  Dartford to Leafy Bucks, it somehow went via Bedford (well, Ridgemont actually, but I'd no idea where that was until I looked on the map), before travelling to the safe haven of Crayford, where it has languished for the past 30 hours. Delivery is "pending".

Meanwhile the RM managed to deliver my parcel to the original address. Except I redirected it to go to the local PO. And had that change acknowledged. Shower of shite.
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