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Nothing seems to burn down anymore, not like the good old days!

The Studio 6 and 7, opposite the Odeon in Lewisham was demolished and used as parking. You wouldn't imagine the arson attack on the attendant's booth to have been particularly spectacular, but the fact that it seemed to be used as a propane storage facility livened things up.
Space themes.

I was 9. It was awesome. All the 1970s sci-fi film and TV show themes.
LEL 2022 / Re: Route Sheet
« Last post by Lightning Phil on Today at 10:23:27 pm »
37.4 You’ve missed Dassels in your list of villages passed through, comes between Hay Street and Hare Street

58.2 Fork L. - It’s more just a L off the A505

64.3 Shepreth, Barrington - Both have level crossings, hazards worth warning riders about.  Easy to come a cropper.
Booked a room at Southwaite services.   Not cheap but I think it will be worth it even if just a few hours off.

I rode this as a DIY last year, and stayed at Southwaite - it worked out pretty well, although I had to phone the number on the desk to raise someone to come into the reception to check me in. It's not totally obvious where the footbridge is to get to the hotel on the Southbound side of the motorway, although that might have been me being a bit tired. Costa was open in the morning for breakfast back on the Northbound side.

Enjoy the ride, it was stunning!

Am at Southwaite too, though I not sure how long I’ll be staying! Depends on the toll the hills will have taken. Worried and excited about this ride in equal measure at present!
Being motivated by the prospect of one of Deano’s Northumbrian SR badges (although still have the 300 and 400 to go too)
LEL 2022 / Route Sheet
« Last post by Lightning Phil on Today at 10:19:31 pm »
Thought I’d create this thread for comments on the route sheet by those who’ve ridden sections / live local to them and know the roads.
First film I recall was "The day the earth stood still"; the 1951 original, not the 2008 remake! At the Gaumont, Highbury Corner, London (long since gone).
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Steve S. on Today at 10:07:28 pm »
The Winkers song - Ivor Biggun and the red nose burglars.
Health & Fitness / Re: Varifocals, prescriptions and pupillary distance
« Last post by ian on Today at 10:04:07 pm »
I don't think mine are any thicker and it's normal for the lenses to be thicker at the edges, that's how they work (if you are short-sighted).
Who’s Next
Very clear recollection of this one.

Deep Purple in Rock. My older bro was convinced I was simply buying it so that I would appear to be cool to him.

My first single was Juicy Lucy with 'Who do you love'. Mrs hatler bought it for me last Christmas (she's a Lucy). Got to get that one framed for hanging on the wall.
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