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The Knowledge / Re: Dynamo front hub / wheel advice...
« Last post by halhorner on Today at 07:00:05 pm »
Cheers. Yep as it happens that’s exactly what I’ve done. Had a good chat with the (very helpful & nice) wheelbuilder at Spa Cycles and have bitten the bullet and ordered a new pair of wheels.

For anyone who may be interested I have gone for

Kinlin Xc- 279 rims (32h front 36h rear)
Sapim race spokes
SP-PV8 dynohub
Novatec F162 rear hub

All in around £270 including build, skewers, rim tape etc

Thanks for all the suggestions/advice guys.

The Knowledge / Re: Dynamo front hub / wheel advice...
« Last post by Brucey on Today at 06:56:59 pm »
when the flanges are narrower spaced the wheel is so much weaker that I would advise a 28/32 or a 32/32 wheelset, depending on the rims that are used.

Four DB spokes weigh about 30g and make a 28 spoke wheel ~18% stronger than a 24 spoke wheel.


My concern was less about not being able to move the straddle wire high enough, but whether it would go low enough (both front and rear) for a high MA, given where the mudguards, light fitting etc. are?

the straddles will go low enough for good power with most mid-arm cantis.

FWIW the brake cable pull of the campag ergos is comparable to the cable pull of BL-R400. If anything BL-R400 may give a bit more power.

So presumably the Cane Creek SCR-5's would also be comparable, as they seem to almost be a copy of the Campag Ergos?[/quote]

apologies if this is b. obvious but the shape of the hoods has almost nothing to do with the MA of the lever.

Where The Wild Things Are / Re: Signs of Spring
« Last post by cycleman on Today at 06:32:33 pm »
I'd bring some snow shoes and tools to make igloos then ;). Enjoy  :)
The Pub / Re: The KFCopalypse
« Last post by Jaded on Today at 06:32:16 pm »
Is it at DIRFT?
The Pub / Re: The KFCopalypse
« Last post by Polar Bear on Today at 06:29:15 pm »
Apparently it's all happening, or not, just up the road here in Rugby.  I have spoken with a few folk who do this sort of warehouse work and they say that the agencies are going off their heads trying to get people up there but DHL are the blocker because they suspect everybody of being an undercover journo.  They want the people but hey don't want the people: catch 22.

The absolute best quote overheard has to be "they're running around like headless chickens..."!   8)  :D

The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Today at 06:16:57 pm »
Lost In Space ~ Atomic Rooster
The Sporting Life / Re: winter Lympics
« Last post by Ham on Today at 06:12:23 pm »
I so don't understand this

Did it help him sweep faster? Maybe he was just using it for housework.

Of all the winter Olympic sports  I can't think of one where doping would be less use (they haven't somehow included ice darts, have they?
The Pub / Re: The KFCopalypse
« Last post by Ham on Today at 06:00:17 pm »
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