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I could be wrong but I believe Dupuytren's is one of those conditions that NHS England has effectively blacklisted for surgical treatment.

You might have to battle for surgery.

Deeming some sorts of surgery to be 'of little value' can be very hard on patients and their GPs!

I am certain this was a politically motivated announcement to deflect from brexit news. Dupuytrens is not a plcv (procedure of limited clinical value) and this announcement has not changed management anywhere by any surgeon. It was an absolutely disgraceful and political act.

[POBI] Fully agree! Likewise (in your field) carpal tunnel release. I understood the median nerve was 'the eye of the hand'. How can releasing it be of 'limited value'?

Hand surgery is not my thing and I'm not very clever.

Freewheeling / Re: I may never ride in anger again
« Last post by arabella on Today at 09:08:08 pm »
would riding a very heavy / fixed gear bike contribute to lmiting your speed with the same amount of effort.  Or wearing civvies.
The Knowledge / Re: Visual Bike Geometry Comparison
« Last post by Jurek on Today at 09:01:34 pm »
All the red lights and the buzzer have gone off on the wall behind me.
The Pub / Re: What have you fettled today?
« Last post by offcumden on Today at 09:01:31 pm »
This YouTube video was invaluable:

I just froze the video at each critical point before proceeding. Mine was an older Ergo version than the one shown, but I guess they're all pretty similar.
The Knowledge / Re: Boardman ADV 8.8 as a touring/randonneuring/club bike?
« Last post by mzjo on Today at 09:01:20 pm »
Interestingly decathlon have a new Triban range

The RC520 is 105 spec, for £729, & RC500 - Sora R3000 for £529.  Max clearance for 38mm tyres, so poss slightly lower than the Adv8.8

Interesting that these bikes are not marketed in France. Instead we have two disc models starting at 900€ for a Sora equipped model with flatmount Shimano discs and through axles. The frame is the "Ultra" version "for endurance riding" but the bike is UCI approved (unlike the english models) so we can all be real racers! Funnily enough when you find the geometry charts they are all in english! I haven't looked to see if there are rack and guard bosses, I would doubt it! 
On The Road / Re: Cycling UK Board OF Trustee ELECTIONS 2018
« Last post by Jakob W on Today at 09:00:26 pm »

As ever, a brief precis of the material you've dumped in there  along with a couple of lines setting our your take on this matter would go a long way to stop people's eyes glazing over...
The Knowledge / Visual Bike Geometry Comparison
« Last post by 99spokes on Today at 08:56:26 pm »
Hey all, we just added a visual geometry comparison view to that uses the size and geometry information from the manufacturer. This makes it easy to see the main geometry differences at a glance.

Here's an example comparison -

Any feedback is appreciated.

On The Road / Re: Sustrans paths crap - official
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Today at 08:50:18 pm »
I can't help but feel that the point of Sustrans has been to make it appear to the bulk of the population (i.e. people who rarely if ever ride bikes) that everything is really great for cyclists. I always seem to find the on-road sections have relatively pristine tarmac, whereas I am not aware of any off-road sections that have ever had any resurfacing. Perhaps we are only prepared to spend the money where it is likely to be of greatest benefit to motorists, either by having fewer potholes or getting the bloody cyclists out of the way of the important traffic. The bits of the network that people actually want to use (i.e. away from traffic) are generally utter crap, and most people are only prepared to use their cars on the rest of it. None of these things seem to have promoted active travel in any way but as long as nobody complains, and nobody will because they all have better things to be doing with their time, nothing will happen to improve the situation.
When I was in Gloucester a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the Sharpness canal towpath was being tarmacced. I doubt that's anything to do with Sustrans but it is part of NCN41. The trouble with surfacing off-road sections is that locals object on 'environmental' grounds.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by rafletcher on Today at 08:47:03 pm »
She came in through the bathroom window - The Beatles
On The Road / Re: Bizarre double decker bike racks
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Today at 08:46:04 pm »
There's something very similar at Parkway too. As Ivo says, the top racks should sort of swing down to ground level. Probably easier (less hard) to do than a dangly train space! Unless these are a new half-arsed design which doesn't do that?
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