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« on: May 24, 2018, 11:32:02 am »
This lot have an active approach via Facebook and a website as indicated above.

Bought a pair of the Tessera 90 glasses in Oct 2017 after seeing a Facebook advert. Rf Insert has now cracked twice and this lot are totally unresponsive to emails, web forms and Facebook messages.

Rubbish, both the product and the service behind it

Edit. It now appears as if the address on the invoice is a freight forwarding company, not brightcycling themselves.

So, if as in my case they choose not to respond to emails, web forms or Facebook messenger, you have no apparent way to contact them with a complaint

Be warned.


Re: Bright Cycling Preston
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The bluddy rf adaptor is made of rubbish, just cracked for the 3rd time. Still no response from Bright Cycling

Save your money and buy something decent rather than the rubbish this shower of crooks trick you with