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Transpennine Express have made changes to their bike policy which may affect anyone planning to use their services from York after the Arrows and Darts.  Bikes can now only be taken on if booked 24 hours in advance.  Just don't even think of taking a tandem, a trike or a recumbent.  Of course, if you use a folding bike, the booking restriction doesn't apply.

The changes make a right mess of the Stalybridge-Scarborough 200 Perm which involved a 200km ride with a following wind (if you choose the right day of course) and return on a direct train to Stalybridge.

Under the new time table changes from May 2018, the Scarborough trains no longer stop at Stalybridge.  That's more of a nuisance than a problem, as you can change at Leeds, or you could stay on until reaching Manchester Victoria.  However the real problem comes with TPE's new bike policy which states that "some" of the Scarborough service will be operated by Mk3 coaches which cannot accommodate non-folding bikes on board (although I don't know at what point you will know if your train is one of those).  There are plans to introduce a new fleet of trains "in late 2018" on this route which will accommodate up to 4 bikes per service, so perhaps things will be resolved then.

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I understand from a contact in the industry (No names, no pack-drill!  ;) ) that the Mk3 coaches are extremely unlikely to run before the end of July due to the Liverpool Lime Street blockade (there's nowhere to store the set between services at Manchester Victoria, basically) so until then, the Scarborough services will be purely class 185 DMUs as per normal - well, what passes for normal on TPE!!  :-D (There are rumours that the Mk3 sets may be so delayed that the new Mk5a sets will beat them into service, so watch this space -> "    "!!)
In the unlikely event that TPE manage to get the Mk3 sets into service at the end of July, they are (currently) booked to be on the trains departing Scarborough at 0846, 0946, 1446, 1546, 2050 & 2146 (The return workings of the 0556, 0656, 1156, 1256, 1756 & 1856 from Liverpool Lime Street) Monday to Friday only. Please note that these sets will *not* be working on Saturday and Sunday, so all weekend trains will be your usual cramped, smelly, noisy diseasel units!  ;)
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