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Freewheeling / Re: E bikes - 'the next big thing'
« Last post by quixoticgeek on Today at 01:23:47 pm »
This is an issue I have with the current version of eBikes. In town traffic, regular bicycles keep up fine and just become part of traffic.  As soon as you hit a 30 zone, to the average driver, cyclists become a rolling chicane. If the bike can't do 25, then they are going to overtake, so 15mph is too slow to be "part of traffic".  Yet 15mph is too fast for shared use paths and other places where you encounter pedestrians.

The point of e-bikes is that they are bikes, that are slightly easier to ride. They are designed to have all the flaws that a normal bike has, that is the point. As soon as you start making them go quicker or anything else, you cross over into the e-moped territory and things will get messy.

Today Amsterdam confirmed that it is going to be banning all bromfiets/snorfiets from the cycle lanes. Currently small mopeds, limited to 50kph are allowed in the cycle lane, they don't need a license and they don't need a helmet. And they are an utter menace. Their kinetic envelope is bigger, they are driven by morons, and they seem to see cyclists as something fun to play with. In 2019 they will have to wear helmets and ride in the car lane. But this has opened up an interesting debate about what happens to the higher performance pedal assist ebikes, that can do more than 25kph?

As part of this discussion with a group of dutch friends the topic of charging of pedal assist bikes came up. Are they still in the 30 different standard connectors for charging a battery state?

Maybe if we could get the EU to stop breaking the internet, they could make a standard for pedal assist bike charging.


PS I am explicitely saying pedal assist bike, to differentiate from electric mopeds, electric scooters, electric motorbikes, electric unicorn hover carpets, etc... As it seems that in many non cycle circles, the term e-bike isn't always interpreted the same.
On The Road / Re: On the commute today
« Last post by Andrij on Today at 01:19:30 pm »
Yesterday... Horrible traffic around Forest Gate due to people being twats, probably because they were inconvenienced by a death in Stratford.  Later, two scrotes on a motorbike heading up CS3 Lower Thames St -. Byward St, followed by an unmarked police car with lights and sirens.  Then a junction closed by the fire brigade.  That all excludes the usual careless drivers and clueless peds.  I was happy to finally arrive at my destination unscathed.  Return trip was only marginally better.

But there were some high-points.  Spotted two cyclo-tourists: one near Forest Gate and another in Hyde Park.  Also, I was the 6,000th cyclist to pass the counter on the E-W cycle superhighway yesterday.
The Knowledge / Re: Are DCR's own hubs any good?
« Last post by freeflow on Today at 01:11:54 pm »
My thoughts are that it is reasonable to assume that hubs supplied by independent wheel builders would typically be better than average as they have a reputation to protect.

Of course, you could always email DCR wheels and ask them how their hubs compare to others they sell.
PBP 2019 / Re: Travel to PBP; was Re: Wander Wye
« Last post by Phil W on Today at 01:11:11 pm »
It is 180-190km to the start from Dieppe  via the shortest nice ways, depending on your route choice.  The overnight ferry releases you around 5-6am depending on tides.  So Thursday overnight, ride Friday, bike check Sat, ride PBP starting Sun, return following Sat works well.
Freewheeling / Re: E bikes - 'the next big thing'
« Last post by Kim on Today at 01:06:38 pm »
I think they've rolled some demo models out to dealers as a beta-test, though, so it may refer to that.
Audax / Re: Peregrine Mountain Roads 300km - 1st July
« Last post by mattc on Today at 12:41:45 pm »
...  Nik wasn't interested in the climbing, just the mountain roads.

Which flat ones do you recommend?
Audax / Re: Have you been out today on a Perm or DIY?
« Last post by deejay on Today at 12:28:08 pm »
Always good to see others enjoying the weather and riding their bike.

Yep, it was a good day in the end if a little wet at the start for me. It threatened to thunder near the finish as I rolled back through Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket but nothing came of it.

Racing / Re: Windsor Triathlon - fecking knobends!!!!
« Last post by fimm on Today at 12:27:04 pm »
Can anyone explain why the horse is on the right hand side of the road?
I have no idea what I was thinking when I asked this.
Velo Fixe / Spoke choice
« Last post by fd3 on Today at 12:22:43 pm »
Flip-flop hub, <150lbs rider, light load (packed lunch and the occasional emergency shop), commuting, day rides, no audaxes for the next 5 years.
32 hole 3-cross.
I can get DT revolution for the same price as their Comp, which saves about 60g per wheel.  DT Revolutions == Sapim Lasers, I read alot that they would not be suitable for drive-side at the rear, but I wonder whether this does not apply for fixed (or does it apply twice as that side is always under load - no coasting).

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