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LEL 2017 / Re: The ACME LEL Peloton Thread [All Welcome!]
« Last post by tedshred on Today at 09:32:40 am »
Looking forward to seeing you both at Easton  :thumbsup:  I will have blankets on standby.

GPS / Re: Edge Touring or Wahoo Bolt?
« Last post by frankly frankie on Today at 09:32:06 am »
I would suggest trying a dumb charger cable not an OTG cable.  Most cables are sold as 'data' or 'sync' cables but maybe you want one that specifically isn't.  The ones that come supplied with a power bank are probably a good bet.  Possibly something like this:
The Pub / Re: Grammar that makes you cringe
« Last post by T42 on Today at 09:31:48 am »
Not cringeworthy but curious: the word dint, as in by dint of. I looked it up just now: it comes from the Anglo-Saxon dynt, meaning a blow. The A.S. chappies must have done everything by hitting it.

Hence the connection with the dint in a car door. Aethelfrith dun it.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: What was the last film you watched?
« Last post by mrcharly-YHT on Today at 09:26:04 am »
The Last Starfighter A revisit of more awesome 80's cheese :D

I recommend you now sample 'Flight of the Navigator' and 'Short Circuit'.
LEL 2017 / Re: The ACME LEL Peloton Thread [All Welcome!]
« Last post by Carlosfandango on Today at 09:18:15 am »
EE40 2PM Start - Hoping to find others who are going to ride through the night on day/night 1 with limited stops.

The remnants of the ACME Anvils train (ie the Straggler and Carlos Fandango both OTP) are leaving at 2 and planning that sort of strategy.  Neither of them are known faffers so they will doubtless fly through the controls.   You would have to put up with Carlos overnight though and he does moan a lot, mainly because he travels so light (a pack of 3 and some sudocreme) that he is cold and miserable when it gets dark.

I`ve a very clever strategy to avoid becoming miserable and cold and apparently moany overnight. This involves not riding overnight. Genius I think.

There seems to be ample time to manage a decent sleep overnight, 2 or 3 hours slumber in a control followed by 2 or 3 hours kip in the next control if needed.

I have puchased a framebag for my sudocreme and pack of 3, it`s still pretty empty, no idea what else to put in it. I`ll probably be wearing a gilet but I haven`t any buffs, either thin or thick, arm warmers, knee warmers, leg warmers or shoe covers to put in it. Any ideas?

The Straggler is so ice cold he wears every item of cycling clothing he possesses at all times (I do hope that he doesn`t flaunt that embarrassing CCS rag though) and of course, social media is beneath his lofty ideals, so between us we hope to achieve minimal faffage and a stress free ride!

Audax / Re: East Lothain 54km Rough Stuff Audax 24 July 2016
« Last post by paddyirish on Today at 09:14:46 am »
Did the 2017 on Sunday.  Atrocious weather conditions on the day and on Saturday in particular meant that there was plenty of the promised mud.    I really enjoyed it and it was pleasing to see a good number of youngsters participating.  Great muffins at the start as always...
Audax / New 100 km from Bristol, Aug 27th - The Chalfield Challenge
« Last post by JonB on Today at 09:13:26 am »
I’m dipping my toes into the organiser pond and putting on a 100 km ride from Bristol on the 27th August - The Chalfield Challenge

From Bristol the ride heads east into Wiltshire and turns south between Chippenham and Calne.  The turning point of the route is the Chalfield Manor estate near Bradford on Avon.  Two controls, one a pub and the other a village hall, there are a couple of decent climbs but nothing approaching AAA standard.  The start is at Cleve Rugby club in Mangotsfield on the edge of Bristol (Bairdy’s Avon Cycleway started from there last month). Hope to see some members of the YACF community.

Other new events coming up from Audax Club Bristol,

10 Sept 2017 The Radonnee 100 km
16 Sept 2017 Skirting the Cotswolds 100 km
30 Sept 2017 Slaughtered in the Cotswolds 200km
30 Sept 2017 Granny’s Cotswolds Telegram 160 km

There’s also a new 300 put on by the LVIS crew on the 2nd Sept but that’s sold out.
Retailers / Re: Wiggle
« Last post by , on Today at 09:09:18 am »
^^^^^ Might I suggest Royal Mail is totally to blame.  Firstly, I assume your swanked new shoes would need a signature and a card should have been put through door advising collection from depot or arrange redelivery. To leave them somewhere without telling you is against their protocol (I know this from our local postie).  My last order from Wiggle was delivered by DPD and the slot I was given was not good so I went online and it delivered to my local Sainsbury's for collection next day. This was the free delivery option.

Overall, I have found Wiggle to be very good delivery wise. Disappointed at whatRoyal Mail did and I'm certain Wiggle would also be disappointed too.

Wouldn't disagree with any of that, but my options as the consumer are largely limited to which retailer I use or don't.   

If wiggle subcontract any part of their service to a delinquent provider, that is very much wiggles fault.
LEL 2017 / Re: LEL drinks 28th July
« Last post by Ivan on Today at 08:20:15 am »
For any one planning to cycle to the party, ACH are organising a couple of feeder rides from Central London and Loughton, both assembling from 17:30 for an 18:00 depart.

I'm leading one from Trafalgar Square - meet on the East side by King George IV (look for the ACH banner!) from 17:30 for a 18:00 departure. Click here for Routesheet and GPX.
The Knowledge / Re: Shimano supply chain
« Last post by mrcharly-YHT on Today at 08:18:43 am »
Oh yes.

I needed cones for something esoteric. Deore XT Rear

LBS told me it would take about 2 weeks to order in, maybe a month. I can't remember the cost but it was something really insane, like more than the cost of a cassette. For a couple of cones.

I bought a second hand XT hub in good condition from ebay and cannibalised it. Think it took 3-4 days to get the hub.
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