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Racing / Re: Tour de France 2018
« Last post by citoyen on Today at 05:53:42 pm »
Brailsford spent four years as a sponsored amateur in France.

Good point, I forgot about that.

Riders knew that turning pro meant taking drugs, so either you accepted that, or came home with your tail between your legs.

So I suppose that makes his feigned innocence about characters like Yates and Leinders sound even less plausible.
Racing / Re: Tour de France 2018
« Last post by cygnet on Today at 05:50:34 pm »
Has anyone seen a quintessential Yellow Jersey rest day photograph yet?

(e.g. G in his yellow jersey sitting outside a café with an espresso and reading l'Equipe)

Or did Sky stop doing that?
Audax / Re: Mille Cymru 2018
« Last post by whosatthewheel on Today at 05:49:32 pm »
Thursday will be hot... if you are lucky on friday you'l get showered throughout the day... saturday looks good 20-22 degrees
Quick question for the etrex users, do the 20, 30, and edge tours etc... have silly limits on number of track points in a GPX track? The 250 point limit on my etrex 10 is a right utter pain in the arse.

The 20 and 30 have a limit of 10,000 points per Track.
They have a limit of 250 points per Route (assuming direct or off-road routing methods, the limit is much lower if autorouting).

Possibly your 'GPX track' is being saved as a GPX Route?  Some online planners are not clear enough about this distinction.

I am in fact thinking of GPX route's not tracks.

The 250 point limit is a right pain. It has stopped me using my etrex 10 pretty much.

The Pub / Re: Grammar that makes you cringe
« Last post by citoyen on Today at 05:42:49 pm »
I read soemwhere that malaria had a similar origin as the french from a bastardisation of mal = bad, aria = air, thought to be contracted from breathing the rank air of marshes

If you consider French to be a bastardisation of Italian, then yes, that's exactly right. ;)
Racing / Re: Tour de France 2018
« Last post by Exit Stage Left on Today at 05:40:41 pm »
Brailsford spent four years as a sponsored amateur in France. Prior to lottery funding, that was the route into pro-cycling.

Riders knew that turning pro meant taking drugs, so either you accepted that, or came home with your tail between your legs. Some had the option of further education, and a job in sport.

Brailsford came along at the right time, as did the first wave of lottery-funded riders. They could get paid to ride on the track in pursuit of medals, for the new East Germany.

I'm quite interested in those who nearly made it under both systems.
Audax / Re: Mille Cymru 2018
« Last post by D.A.L.E. on Today at 05:39:46 pm »
That's brilliant advice, thanks.

I forgot to mention the heat. If it's going to be roasting again, I'll be looking to leave well early and taking the siesta approach. I'm too ginger for it.
Phototalk / Re: Photobucket
« Last post by rafletcher on Today at 05:31:44 pm »
With photobucket you’re now screwed unless you pay something like $200 to them. I have free Flickr account that I can still access.
The Sporting Life / Re: World cup 2018
« Last post by citoyen on Today at 05:29:52 pm »
Sterling's problem isn't moving the ball forward at pace, it's his decision-making once he gets to the 18 yard box.

23 goals and 17 assists for City last season suggests very much otherwise. I mean, those numbers tell their own story, don't they?

He's far from perfect, still often makes the wrong decisions, but his improvement over the last couple of seasons under Guardiola is clear for anyone to see - anyone who isn't blinkered by the kind of irrational prejudice Sterling seems to attract - and he was obviously England's most creative outfield player at the World Cup. I suspect the lack of end product for England is largely down to the quality of the other players around him. In particular, Lingard's running off the ball is terrible (which is probably Mourinho's fault).

That works two ways though - I'm sure that playing alongside the likes of De Bruyne, Willian, Silva et al makes Sterling look better than he actually is, something that has affected his own opinion of himself and now he looks like putting his future at City in jeopardy because of his ego. The big wally.

Maybe he'll get snapped up by Real as a replacement for Ronaldo. (Joke)

Rashford is a hugely promising young player and will get his much-deserved chance for England sooner rather than later, but currently I see no reason to move him ahead of Sterling in the pecking order - certainly not his scoring record (13 goals and 9 assists for United last season puts him well behind Sterling in that regard).

England certainly don't have any options of the calibre of Sheringham to call on at the moment, unfortunately.
Audax / Re: Round The Year Randonneurs Log
« Last post by bhoot on Today at 05:27:57 pm »
Hello all RRtY'ers present and future. With immediate effect I have handed over the RRtY administrator role to our new delegate Grant Huggins. He will be contactable on the same e-mail address so no change to the process. I am sure he will be very rigorous and ensure that no dodgy claims sneak through  :)

For the last two and a half years, I've enjoyed corresponding with all of you and collecting those little stories and special achievements which make things interesting. Good luck to all those trying for their first series and those trying to extend their run to earn the coveted x5 and x10 badges.
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