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Blodwyn Pig:
I keep looking in the shed, and picking up BLODWYN.............and thinking Do I,...Don't I.   For those that don't know, Blodwyn was a rather lovely Bob Jackson world tour,  in Amber flam,  tastsy bits ish, that I built up from a new frame, in a 'Voyage of discovery' kind of way,  sourcing each component, reusing other bits ,  etc, t'was luvverly and a joy to ride.. hang on, I'll find a picture................

100_1788_zpsdbfb6fc0 by mark tilley, on Flickr

There we are. 

Alas 2 years ago almost,  when Blodwyn was only 2 years old, i was hit on a roundabout by a van, and Blodwyn came unstuck. Insurance paid out rather well, so I now have Olive, but Its not the same. Blodders will need new top tube, rear re- setting,  and new BB shell , plus respray. It's prob better to forget , but I do miss it, compliments every where I went, from cyclist and non cyclists.  I was a part of me, and I can't explain it. The ridgeback disc tourer is probably  a more capable bike, and it does everything I want, but I feel guilty abandoning Blodwyn.  but I miss it! There I've said it, I'm sad..

Question is.......should I spend ....prob £300 getting it sorted or just let it be.  Its not the money that's the prob,  its common sense....but....

what would YOU do.?

I'm afraid I'd probably get it done.  And I'd change the colour of the mudflaps while I was at it!

A Bob Jackson doesn't deserve an ignominious end.


i would not renovate it, but you should - i can feel the bike means something to you.

Sort it out, Mark.
It's a niggle which will not go away.
And the BJ was a lovely bike.


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