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Re opening of disused railway lines.

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Johnny Faro:
Was something about this on Jeremy Vine. Fully realising this is probably a story that occurs fairly regularly but just wondered what people thought. The guy from CTC/CUK I thought was really good as normally the JV show goes for the lowest available who will shout at each other. Personally I'd be gutted if the two former lines I cycle in went but the lines they were on would be a blooming good idea if brought back

Ben T:
not going to be that many , only a handful in the whole country

They've been talking about Cambridge-Oxford for years, budget approved but still nothing visible happening. I'm not getting excited.

EDIT - no idea how that got spell-cheked to Cambridge-ish

There's all those cycleways they could use. Nobody would miss them, after all.

It's possible that a few might get considered as suburban light rail metro links or extensions, but even light rail (as opposed to normal heavy rail) ain't cheap and in case anyone hasn't noticed, there's not a lot of money around.
There was an opportunity to somehow use the heritage Great Central Railway south of Nottingham as a link into the Nottingham tram network at Ruddington - this fell through. The rail link (currently freight) linking Leicester with Coalville and Burton has been discussed for very many years and nothing happens. They keep wittering on about the missing link at Nuneaton which would link the East Midlands with Coventry, and again, nothing happens.
So - if relatively easy (I didn't say cheap) proposals like these which could have huge community and business benefits can't get off the ground, then I wouldn't worry too much about the loss of wildlife green corridors and wonderful cycle routes with easy gradients (and crap surfaces).


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