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How Not To Lock Up Your Bike

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Came across this forlorn wheel.  The picture doesn't show that it's a really nice MTB wheel; the owner had 'locked' it by putting the D-Lock through 3 or 4 spokes, so the tealeaf just quick-released the rest of the bike.  Had he had wheelbuilding skillz, he could have cut those few spokes and replaced them, and had a whole bike to sell on! :-\

Another embarrassing example:

and one waiting to be nicked:

I watched my son padlock his new bike at school once.
I walked over to it after he went in, unthreaded the lock from the handlebars and took the bike home again  :demon:.

His mum said his face was a picture when he came out that afternoon to find it gone.
He's not going to do that again in a hurry ;D

At Millwall for a conference, I was annoyed not to be able to find bike parking of any kind.  Fortunately, my lock was - just - long enough to go round one of the huge lampposts and the frame & front wheel.  Of course, any thieves could have just lifted the bike over the top ;D

Rhys W:
I've seen one locked through... the bottle cage!


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