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I got the train from London to Braintree for last Fridays Hereward the Wake.  Though folk with greater local knowledge had suggested that Bishops Stortford was quicker and a tad nearer

The Braintree option does allow a quiet ride along the Flitch Way cycle path - its probably at the outer fringes of what Id cycle on with my road bike ie a bit stoney in parts and I bet it gets muddy quiteeasily but I quite enjoyed it. 

The last time I did the Flatlands I went back to London via Stansted M'fitchet
PBP 2019 / Re: Paris-Brest-Paris 2019 Accommodation
« Last post by Phil W on Today at 04:20:11 pm »
Booked, bit of a better location than the industrial estate in Trappes. Prices were cheaper than those quoted by Adrian.
The Knowledge / Re: Does anyone know what gravel is?
« Last post by rogerzilla on Today at 04:16:22 pm »
I think QG is quite defensive about his gravel bike!  A couple of the super-fit Weds night riders have them and they ride them so we can keep up; the extra drag kind of levels the playing field between whippets and those of us built more like 1980s Belgian sprinters.

Still, it's the first time I've been called an old fart  ;D
The Pub / Re: The RANT thread (often contains fruity language)
« Last post by Ham on Today at 04:11:15 pm »
Some BASTARD scheduled a conference call when the Alpe d'Huez climb is on.

Loving the drone shots
Racing / Re: Tour de France 2018
« Last post by Torslanda on Today at 04:10:46 pm »
***  "Maybe his legs are just starting to fall off..."

WTF ???  :o
Freewheeling / Re: Adventure bike - idle question
« Last post by Ham on Today at 04:06:08 pm »
'Adventure bike' is currently nothing more than a buzz word.....I have a Croix de Fer. I've toured through the Alps with it fully loaded and currently it is fitted with CX tyres for fun in the local woods and bridleways so for a jack of all trades adventure bikes, gravel bikes call them what you want will do most things asked of them and provide quite a lot of fun too.

Arguably, the CdF is the original "adventure bike" before the term was a term.

Just for the record, I run 28s on my titanium version and 35s on the Stainless. The 35s are like a magic carpet, with go anywhere capability.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Beardy on Today at 03:56:55 pm »
21 Today - Trad
Racing / Re: Tour de France 2018
« Last post by T42 on Today at 03:54:07 pm »
Thomas 97 kph on downhill
The Pub / Re: The "I'm Such a Fecking Div" Thread
« Last post by rafletcher on Today at 03:48:03 pm »
We have a recently adopted “rescue” cat. She is wearing the “cone of shame”. I gave her some “cat pate” to eat. The cone makes a cracking scoop.....   ::-)
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Guy on Today at 03:43:56 pm »
Twenty-Flight Rock - Eddie Cochran
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