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The Pub / Re: Name for this type of shop?
« Last post by T42 on Today at 09:19:52 am »
Chandler isn't restricted to ships; that's why the marine article has ship's in front of it.  It did originally mean a supplier of candles but came to mean a supplier in general.  I'm none too sure it would be so understood these days, though.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Redlight on Today at 09:14:07 am »
Something in the air - Thunderclap Newman
The Pub / Re: Berlin
« Last post by Redlight on Today at 09:13:12 am »
I've only been on business but it's definitely a place I'd like to visit for a long weekend when mini-redlight is old enough to appreciate it.   

On one occasion I had a 9am meeting on the other side of the city to my hotel. It was a beautiful spring morning so a colleague and I decided to leave the hotel at 7 and walk to the meeting (much to the bewilderment of our colleagues). I loved the fact that you could tell when you had crossed from the former western zone to the former eastern zone by the way that the green and red man symbols on the pedestrian crossings were drawn.

I also remember that at the finance ministry they still had one of those lifts that comprises a series of platforms on a chain that never stops moving, a bit like a ferris wheel. There were no doors - you had to be ready to hop on when it arrived and very ready to hop off quickly when it got to the floor you wanted.  I always wondered what would happen if you missed the top floor... :facepalm:
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by T42 on Today at 09:13:08 am »
Blowing in the Wind - Bob Dylan

(We have one very windy Labrador; the pivotal word is "break".)
OT Gallery / Re: Reader's Instruments
« Last post by T42 on Today at 09:11:05 am »
Probably enough for a YACF jazz band (to drown out the mandolin and banjo players)

It actually takes very little to drown out a mandolin...

And a banjo is like a woman*.

* q.v. Otis Lee Crenshaw
OT Gallery / Re: Reader's Instruments
« Last post by T42 on Today at 09:09:13 am »
I retired in 2016 and knew I needed a mental challenge, and some daily structure, having worked in environmental and civil engineering for 40 years as an engineering geologist.  I'd always liked jazz and the sound of the sax in particular, so I had his sax serviced (a Buescher) and found a teacher, who also plays in a Big Band.

Yeah...  Two years ago, being off the road for a couple of months, I dug out my old 12-string, which I had passed to my daughter 20 years earlier. She too had subsequently buggered off to uni etc., leaving it in her bedroom, where it had lain for 10 years at least.  I brought it downstairs, cleaned it up, put new strings on, and started to get acquainted again, not having played much since the 90s and not having replaced the 12.

Two weeks later, she and her partner came for lunch. She saw the 12 all bright and shiny, said "cool" and walked off with it.
I would have bought some brake levers (eg BL-R400) and some bar end shifters and just got on with it. 

At risk of provoking further decision paralysis, this page

contains some potentially useful items, including Paul's, Kelly's and Jtek brackets that allow DT shifters to be mounted elsewhere e.g. on the handlebar. The J-tek brackets are cheapest but seem only to come in 22.2mm which means they will need to be fitted to an accessory bracket of some kind.

There is also an eccentric shim that allows a large (34.9mm) band-on clamp FD to be mounted off centre on a 28.6mm seat tube, which overcomes some of the issues concerned with using a road FD on an MTB chainset.

The Pub / Re: Berlin
« Last post by Pingu on Today at 08:50:13 am »
Yes, we liked Berlin and we're going back in June. Watch out for bears, though!
Freewheeling / Mental Health and Cycling - Manchester 22nd Feb
« Last post by mr ben on Today at 08:46:23 am »
I shall be going along to this tomorrow:  It'll be the closest I've ever been to anything Rapha, I hope I'm not too scruffy to be allowed in.

Rides and Touring / Re: North Norfolk tour
« Last post by CAMRAMan on Today at 08:45:14 am »
I did a similar tour a few years ago and I'll try to dig out where we camped. Breck Farm in Weybourne was one place. They have a 2-night minimum stay policy, but waived that for us. And here: and here:

The latter was very basic, IIRC, but that suited us.

There is an old railway path you can pick up to get from near Sheringham into Naaarch. I recommend a stay there if you like your beer.
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